Welcome to Wednesday! Today is actually my Friday work-wise, as I head up to the mountains tonight to get ready for our backpack camping adventure. I am getting so excited (and a little nervous, to be honest) for this adventure, but it’s going to be amazing and I will have a million pictures to share with all of you. Speaking of adventure, my latest —> running with Pokemon Go

Before I get into it, a reminder that today is Running Coaches Corner! It’s a place on the internet where your favorite running coaches come together and share the best running advice, tips, trends, etc. Hosted by yours truly, Susie, Debbie and Rachel, check out the link-up below (and join if you’d like!) to find a good amount of information. 

Anyways, back to my latest adventure: Pokemon Go. So, I wasn’t a Pokemon fan back in the day, but I heard so much about this on the internet that I decided to be a follower and caved and joined in. There were some pretty entertaining articles on Buzzfeed about it, like how its ruined some relationships and how its brought people together at 3 a.m.

On the run with Pokemon Go | Crazy Running Girl

If you haven’t given it a shot, you create an avatar on Pokemon Go and are set free to explore the area around you. Here, you’ll find checkpoints that are based on landmarks or other important places in your area, where you can collect goodies like Pokeballs and eggs. As you wander around, Pokemon will pop up on the screen and you need to catch them! 

So, since it’s so easy to run in a completely new city, especially when you are playing a game that requires you to look at your phone [*end sarcasm*], I decided to try Pokemon Go for the first time while I was on the run in Denver yesterday morning. 

Colorado Capitol Building in Denver | Crazy Running Girl


Since I headed up to the capitol building, I passed a LOT of little landmarks and got tons of Pokeballs… and even encountered a few Pokemon to capture along the way!

On the run with Pokemon Go | Crazy Running Girl

It gave me a good excuse to pause and try to catch the Pokemon, which probably took a little bit more effort than those who are experts at this. 

Going running with Pokemon Go is fun, a little challenging and to be honest, a little annoying to those around you if you don’t do it the right way. How do you do it the right way? Well, with my foray into running with Pokemon Go, I learned a few things. 



Don’t be a jerk and go when it’s super crowded. There’s nothing worse than going for a bike ride or a run and having to dodge tourists, which is essentially what you become in your own little Pokemon world. Try to avoid super crowded trails because you are going to be so distracted. And also, maybe skip the busy streets too, so that you avoid getting hit by a car. That is always a good thing. 


Have a path in mind. The one thing I noticed with being on the run with Pokemon Go was that it was so tempting to go off track because I wanted to stop at more stations and find more Pokemon! Find a path that you want to take and stick with it, otherwise you could end up running for a REALLY long time. 


Be aware of your battery AND your data usage! I have heard that it sucks your data, and have experienced that it kills your battery. Keep this in mind as you go out and adventure around so you aren’t racking up a $6,402 phone bill and ending up in a place you aren’t familiar with without a phone that has juice. 


Pull over to the side. I don’t know about you, but when I see a Pokemon, it’s so exciting that I just want to stop and capture it ASAP. Think about those around you! Don’t be THAT person that just stops and causes a traffic jam, especially if you are on a path designated for running. 


Most importantly? Have fun and use it as an excuse to get outside! My sister sent me this article, which talked about how Pokemon Go is really good for getting your steps in for the day. Have a good time with it, grab a friend and use it as a fun way to hang out, and lastly, get outside and enjoy nature! Make sure you do look up from your phone occasionally. I think this is the best way to enjoy the game!



Will I become a master at this game? Probably not. But, it’s definitely something fun to do every once in awhile, especially when I have a new area to explore! I think going running with Pokemon Go is the best when you are looking for an easy, scenic run and you don’t mind taking some stops (so you can capture those Pokemon, yo!). Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


Are you a Pokemon fan? Have you tried Pokemon Go yet? 

Do you like to explore new cities by running? Why or why not? 


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