It has been awhile since I’ve done a quick three things Thursday post, and today feels like the perfect time for it! Today, I leave for my backpacking camping trip into the mountains of Colorado and I’m so excited! And a little nervous. But mostly excited. (I mean, there are bears out there!)

It should be a super fun adventure and I’m excited to go a few days completely disconnected from the world. To be honest, every since I announced the divorce on here, it has really hit home even though it just didn’t happen in one day. I think a big part of the feelings is the fact that life feels so up in the air right now, which is AWESOME on one part (because a fresh start is amazing), but on the other part… it just leaves me feeling so lost and a little overwhelmed. As silly as it sounds, I feel like spending some time in nature always brings some fresh clarity and I hope that the Colorado mountains can do just that!

Mountain views in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl

[I took this picture from the car (hence the double sign) and when I was taking it, a motorcyclist was driving by and he thought I was taking a picture of HIM. So he slowed down, popped up the peace sign and tried to get into the shot… hilarious]

To prepare for our trip, we headed to a store called Jax to pick up some essential supplies, and of course it was an immediate favorite of mine. 

Jax Outdoors Store | Crazy Running Girl


I think this guy would make a great mascot, right? He has the name down and totally screams adventure. 

Maine Coon cat


Since we’ll be backpacking and in the woods, we can’t really bring a lot of food so we are doing dried food meals (astronaut food!). My friends say they taste pretty good (but then what wouldn’t after a day of hiking a mountain), so I’m actually pretty excited to see what these are all about. 

Getting ready for backpack camping | Crazy Running Girl


I also got a Colorado fishing license and am going to try out fly fishing for the first time! I have never fished for trout, so that will be something new and completely different (man, I might get like six “try something new” checked off just on this trip!). 

Even though I don’t have access to internet over the weekend, I have some awesome posts scheduled for you tomorrow and on Monday, so come on back and check them out. I will be back in the real world some time on Monday/Tuesday, and will likely start sharing my adventures on Instagram first! So head on over and check it out. 🙂


Have you ever been backpack camping? Tips? 

Fishing —> yay or nay? What’s your favorite fish to catch? 

What are your plans for the weekend? 


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