I’m back, and I survived my very first backpack camping adventure! I have an early morning this AM to get to the airport and back to Austin, so a short post here today wiht a few pictures… and more details coming your way later this week. 🙂

The Cliff Notes:

I overpacked. 

I kinda loved the dehydrated food. 

I survived the climb, where we went up to 11,000+ elevation. Thank you OTF for helping me find the willpower to keep going. 

Views while camping in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl

The pictures don’t do the views justice. 

I caught my first trout!

There’s something about nature that makes you think about your life and where you want to go… and it helps you find that moment of peace where you feel like everything makes sense. 

The sun is REALLY hot when you are at a higher elevation. 

I don’t mind not showering for a few days.

Mosquitos are really annoying. 

Backpacking makes you feel like a badass. 

Did I mention that mosquitos are super annoying? 

I kinda loved being off the grid with no cell phone reception. 

I love staring at mountains and woods all day. 

Campfires are awesome. 

Smelling like smoke feels like a ritual for backpack camping. 

I didn’t see any bears!

We were under 10 yards away from a beautiful deer TWICE. He did not give a flip about us. 

Stuffed marshmallows = the bomb dot com

Views while camping in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


I can’t wait to do it again. 



What did I miss while I was off the grid? What’s the closest you’ve ever been to a wild animal? 

What’s your least favorite bug ever? 

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