I am SO looking forward to this weekend because it is going to be a) super low key and b) filled with sleep. I absolutely LOVE going on vacation, but I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation so that I can get caught up on life and sleep, too! 

Before we rocket into the weekend, I wanted to share my favorite Austin running trails on the blog today! I’ve almost been in Austin for three years (CRAZY) and have had the chance to venture out on a few different trails around the city, especially since I’ve spent some time living south and now, north. 

5 best places to run in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


Despite the heat, there are some good ones here. 😉 If you find yourself in the area, here are the Austin running trails to check out:


1. Lady Bird Lake (or Town Lake)


Oh, I have to admit that this is my number one FAVORITE place to run in Austin. Lady Bird Lake (or Town Lake, if you ask a local) features 10 miles of trails that wrap around the city and Lady Bird Lake (see above :)) in downtown. There are amazing views and a wonderful community of runners. When I lived south, I ran this trail every. single. morning. and it was phenomenal. Even when I ran in the dark, I felt safe and never had any issues while running it. 

(If you are interested, check out my recommendation on how you can run Lady Bird Lake on the Brooks Running blog HERE


2. Brushy Creek Trail

Brushy Creek Trail | Cedar Park, TX


Brushy Creek Trail features a mix of paved running and loose gravel trails for 6.5 miles out and back, for a total of 13 miles. It’s really pretty and very quiet — very peaceful for an early AM run! I also love how shaded the trail is, perfect for running on those hot Austin summer days. 


3. Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


Walnut Creek features a twisty tangle of trails that are use predominantly by mountain bikers, but they are perfect for running too! I usually hit up Walnut Creek if I just need to get in a short run and want a bit of a challenge because there are some crazy inclines and declines (along with some hopping over some rocks to not get your feet wet!). 


4. Canyon Vista Middle School



Yeah, I know, a track on my list of favorite places to run?!

I feel like it’s hard to find a good track, and I love Canyon Vista Middle School because a) the views are amazing and b) it’s not that busy. This makes it perfect for knocking out some Yassos or other speedwork that you need to get done if you are running in the Austin area. 


5. Barton Creek Greenbelt

Sculpture Falls in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


If you talk to anyone about Austin, they will tell you about Barton Creek Greenbelt. It features miles upon miles of trails that are great for running, as well as hiking and biking. That being said, the trails can get a little chaotic in the summer months and on really nice days. BUT, the trails are awesome — perfect for some trail running with some really cool views. 


Have you ever been to Austin? What did you think? 

Do you prefer to run where other runners are out or solo? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 


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