I came across this quote this weekend and it gave me a good laugh: 

Dear Monday | Crazy Running Girl

Mondays haven’t been as rough as they used to because I’ve made it a point to go to bed a lot earlier than I usually do. Plus, I since I started doing OTF on Sundays (instead of a complete rest day), I am much more tired so it makes it way easier to fall asleep. 

This weekend was low key and filled with fun times with good friends! On Saturday, I went with two of my friends to float the river (aka Texas talk for grabbing a tube and floating down a river). We went to the Guadalupe, which is probably my favorite that I’ve done because it’s SO pretty and not really that busy. I’m terrified of water destroying my phone, so no pics of that!

Afterwards, we swung by a local BBQ joint to complete our Texas day:

The Real Pit BBQ in Canyon Lake, TX | Crazy Running Girl


We went to The Real Pit Barbecue, which had the highest ratings in the area and it was pretty solid. I knew it was going to be a good one when we drove up and there was only outdoor seating (in 100* Texas summer heat and humidity) and most of the menu was handwritten. 

Yesterday, I kicked off the day with my FIRST official workout since I got back from vacation (I will save you the excuses). 

Post-Orangetheory Fitness selfie | Crazy Running Girl


I do love kicking off my Sundays with OTF because I am done with it before I used to get up on the weekends! I also hit up the grocery store after these workouts, which is good because I skip the lines but probably bad because I’m usually hungry, so this sometimes happens:

Kombucha obsession | Crazy Running Girl


Kombucha has become my latest favorite obsession. I love Live Kombucha the most, but am trying other kinds to see if there’s another favorite out there. 

I also spent some time with this guy: 

Apollo the orange tabby | Crazy Running Girl


Who is the BIGGEST pillow hog in the world. 


Now, on to the exciting part: training for my next marathon! Today (well, yesterday officially) kicks off my marathon training for the Twin Cities Marathon



Why am I running Twin Cities Marathon? I started running marathons at this race in 2006, so it just seems fitting that I go back and celebrate my 10-year anniversary here. My first race was 4:00 on the nose, so it will be interesting to see how different the course feels now that I’ve run elsewhere and cut about 30 minutes off my time.  

I’ve been thinking about my goals for Twin Cities Marathon, and I of course would love to PR (let’s just eliminate that new-old PR confusion). I have a feeling life is going to get a little crazy over the next few weeks, so I’m going to commit to going into the race feeling like I’m in the best shape I can be and see what happens from there. 

Another goal I have during this training cycle? Focus on stretching. There have been a lot of great articles floating around about the benefits of stretching for runners (like THIS ONE) and this is an area where I am weak in. So weak. I can barely touch my toes. 

I just won Kimberly’s giveaway for a book, “Yoga for Runners,” and combined with an active focus on this one, I’m excited to see how doing this will make me a better (and maybe faster?) runner. (On the flip side, I will be cutting down how often I run with Pokemon Go… :))

Coming in to the finish at Grandma's Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


My training plan for Grandma’s Marathon worked pretty well, so I will be following something similar to that (easy run Monday; track day Tuesday; easy run Wednesday; mid-distance run Thursday; rest day Friday; long run Saturday; rest day Sunday with OTF twice a week), but with more of an emphasis on hills. Twin Cities Marathon has a wicked hill near the end (thanks Summit Avenue) so I need to be prepped for some tired legs on an incline at that point. 


Have you ever had Kombucha? What did you think? 

What was your favorite part of your weekend? 

Anyone else training for a fall marathon? Which one? 

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