Last night I had my first track run of my training cycle for Twin Cities Marathon and it was a rough one. 86* and 65% humidity? Sounds perfect for some running, right? 

I made it through two and started negotiating in my head about how instead of doing the full Yasso workout (10x800m), I was just going to cut it in half. The voice seemed to get louder as it got more and more negative. I never understand how it gets so much power in our heads; it seems like no matter how many times I do this, it IS still there. 

Post-Yassos selfie | Crazy Running Girl


But, I won. I did it. I gave myself a water break after 3 and 6 and that helped a TON. I let myself slow the pace and didn’t push it 110% for every single one, and I’m so happy that I pushed through and did it. Like I said on Instagram, these are the moments that you remember when you are trying to push through that wall come marathon day… because these are the times when you conquer that negative voice and show it that it’s wrong. 


So, I have a confession to make: I cheated on my Glycerins


The Brooks Glycerins and I have had a really long relationship; I started running in them back in 2011ish after I had some major IT band issues from my previous shoes. I chose the Glycerin because I am a heavy heel striker (sorry to my downstairs neighbors) and need a lot of cushioning. 

I spy... Brooks Ghost 8! | Crazy Running Girl


So, when Brooks gave me a pair of Ghost 8 to try out, I didn’t really know what to expect. I did the Run Signature when we were in Eugene, and the Ghosts were on my list as perfect shoes for me based on the assessment. 

But you know what? I LOVED them!

Have you tried out the Ghost 8 from Brooks Running? Check out what I thought! | Crazy Running Girl

I loved that they are a little lighter than the Glycerins, and still have enough cushioning for me as a heel striker. The shoes are super comfortable and I think I can you totally feel the technology that Brooks has put in these shoes, where they have a special pad that makes the heel-to-toe transition super smooth… extra bonus for us heel strikers. 

I wore these for the Freedom 5000 and have been wearing them for a few other runs, but I’m not ready to break up with my Glycerins just yet. I think that I still need them for those long runs, but maybe the Ghosts can prove to me that they can get the job done (I’m also super superstitious about switching my shoes completely because why change something that works? I am open to wearing different shoes depending on the work out. Pureflow = sprinting shoes; Launch = OTF shoes; etc.). 

So, if you are in the market for a neutral, cushiony shoe –> definitely check out the Ghost 8! 


How do you quiet that really annoying negative voice? 

I’ve asked this before, but what shoes do you run with? Do you wear different shoes depending on the work out? 

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