I can’t believe I’ve already been back from my Colorado backpack camping trip for a week and a half! So much has happened since then that it almost feels like a month ago, which is precisely why I am headed out of town on another vacation today. 



As you likely read this, I am en route to Wisconsin for a week up north with my family! I am really excited to get away and spend some time in nature (my company has unlimited PTO so as long as you are getting your work done, there are no questions about how much time you take off… love it!). 

So, that being said –> time to reminisce about Colorado backpack camping! I went with my BFF Steph from high school, her fiance, two of their close friends and Steph’s two adorable dogs. Today, I’m going to share my top 5 favorite memories from the trip and link up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC for Friday Five!


1. Surviving an insane elevation gain!

Views while backpack camping in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


We hiked about six miles in to get to our camp at the lake. The first two miles were an intense gain, and the following three were pretty flat with the last one in being a pretty good descent. We climbed up to about 11,000 elevation, which is absolutely crazy! I am so proud of myself for pushing through and making it… all with a pack on my back stuffed with everything I needed to survive in the wilderness (tent, sleeping bag, food, clothes… all of it). 


2. The views. Oh my goodness, the views. 

Views while camping in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


I have said this before, and I know I will say it again: but the views in Colorado are amazing. I think it is the prettiest state. Colorado backpack camping views are no different —> just absolutely insane. And a good reminder of how amazing our world really is. 


3. The feeling of being disconnected from the world. 

Sunset while backpack camping in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


THIS. This was such a great feeling. I feel like no matter how hard we try when we go on vacation, it is nearly impossible to be truly disconnected from everything. Here, there was no choice. There was no cell phone reception! It truly helped me turn off my brain about everything and just… relax. 


4. Spending time with my BFF!

Hiking the Flattops | Crazy Running Girl


Steph and I have been friends for a REALLY long time (I know, we’re old) and I love being able to spend time with her now. There are only a few people that come across your path in life that you have a special connection with, where the other person just gets you. And, it’s super cool that we’ve both moved far away from our hometown but are able to stay in touch (we only text pretty much all day when we aren’t visiting each other, ha). 


5. Catching my FIRST mountain fish!

Catching my first mountain fish, a Brook Trout! | Crazy Running Girl


I did not think this was going to happen, since Steph’s fiance and her friends are super into fishing and here I am, a recreational fisher that only does it every once in awhile. Somehow (I think I found the dumbest two fish in the lake), they wanted what I was selling and I was able to snag two on our last day!

P.S. This is totally my “try something new” for July. Check out what else I’ve done this year HERE

When’s your next vacation? 

If you had to choose —> beach or mountain vacation? 

What are you looking forward to most this weekend?


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