Hi from Wisconsin!

Beautiful Wisconsin summer views | Crazy Running Girl


I came in yesterday afternoon to kick off a week of a northern adventure with my family. First of all –> I am SO shocked that I flew through O’Hare and made it without any delays or issues! This never happens, and I usually end up crying in the airport. Oddly enough, a flight that left at the same time as mine to a sister city in the state was cancelled, but mine was not. Phew, I picked right for once!

I am really looking forward to the time away (even though I JUST came back from a vacation, that already feels like it was light years ago) and to spend time in my home state. Wisconsin isn’t generally a state that many people put on their “to visit” lists (unless you live in the Midwest and can drive here) which is a shame, because it really is quite pretty!

Once I landed, I had some major priorities on my list. 


#1 –> Eat Cheese


Obviously. This is a must whenever you are in Wisconsin and I can never get enough. It’s a good thing I don’t live here full-time because otherwise, my blood pressure and cholesterol would be through the roof (or maybe it would even out because I wouldn’t be so desperate to get my hands on the good stuff like I am when I go through a drought of terrible cheese when I’m away). 

So yes, after landing and getting home, this was pretty much the first thing I did. 



#2 –> Pokemon hunting with my nephew

Pokemon Go hunting for Pyro! | Crazy Running Girl


My nephew has jumped on board the Pokemon Go craziness and wanted to spend some time hunting together, so we ended up searching for Pokemon for a good 3-1/2 hours. I leveled up a few times, and got the highest CP Pokemon that I have! He ALMOST caught a Pikachu when we were driving to some Pokestops, but it got away. So close!


#3 –> Try on my Warby Parker glasses

Trying on some glasses from Warby Parker | Crazy Running Girl

I haven’t been to the eye doctor in a few years (bad me) and finally went this week. Besides having to go back for another round of tests because of some indicators showing I may be at risk for glaucoma (it’s not just for old people), I finally have a prescription so I can get some new glasses! I wear my contacts 90% of the time, but I hate having an old pair of glasses that don’t really work for me anymore. 

I used Warby Parker the last time I got my glasses and really loved the experience. For me, they are perfect because they are a) super affordable and b) fit me well. I know that is not the case for everyone, but you can get an at-home try-on box for free — so it’s definitely worth checking out! 

(I ended up not choosing the pair above, but will share the actual pair I chose in a few weeks once I have them!)


I have an early morning run (and need to get to bed, but wanted to say hi first!) before we head further up north… and my nephew will be joining me so he can hatch some Pokemon eggs. 😉 It will be fun to have some company, even if it is just a 10 miler!


Alright, no shame —> Who has jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon? Best one you’ve found? 

Do you wear contacts or glasses? 

How far are you running today? 

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