Hello from the Northwoods of Wisconsin! 

Lake Owen, Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl

It is so pretty up here and we’ve done nothing but fish, ride in the boat and of course catch Pokemon ;). Yesterday, my nephew went on a little bike ride into the nearest town (just over 4 miles away) and on our way back, we saw some bears on the side of the road!

Biking in Wisconsin's Northwoods | Crazy Running Girl


They were seriously like 10 feet away from us — three cubs and one momma bear. I’ve always heard that momma bears can be a little crazy when it comes to people encountering their babies, so we were a little nervous — but they just stared at us and we kept rolling. I would have grabbed a photo if I knew that they would be so chill. 😉

I have a run this morning and as cute as they were, I really hope I don’t encounter them again because well, I don’t think I can get away as fast as I can on a bicycle. 

Speaking of running –> last week was week 1 of my Twin Cities Marathon training plan. It was a solid week of training and feels good to have a schedule to run to (it’s so funny because when I am at the tail end of marathon training, the idea of not having rules around when and what I should run sounds amazing, and then without it… I feel a little lost. So yay for some routine!). 



Post-Orangetheory Fitness selfie | Crazy Running Girl


Back at my routine of doing OTF twice a week (well, until I went on vacation this week… ha!). I know I’ve talked about quitting OTF, but I seriously love the results from this workout and just don’t want to lose my arm strength that I’ve gained since I started (I can tell a HUGE difference — both in appearance and physically). 



Running 5 miles in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


Kicked off my Twin Cities Marathon training with a 5 mile run! This was the first run that I did in nearly a week and it felt a little sluggish, but good to get back out there. Have I mentioned that I am so tired of the heat + humidity in Texas this summer!? 

I also did a weighted vest walk on Monday night —> full details in this post HERE



Tracking 4 miles on the Garmin | Crazy Running Girl


Easy, easy 4 miles which was definitely needed given the Sunday and Monday workouts! My legs were definitely happy about it. 



Post-Yassos selfie | Crazy Running Girl


YASSOS. 10x800m with 400m slow jog in between and 800m w/u and c/d. It was a TOUGH workout and I wanted to quit so many times, but I was so happy I didn’t. I didn’t take the average of the 10 (if you do that, the minutes:seconds predicts what the hours:minutes will be for your marathon), but it is probably in the upper 3:40s, which I’m happy with considering it’s the start of training and the weather. 



Post OTF selfie in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


Six miles in the AM, OTF at night! Usually I do track days on Tuesdays and OTF on Wednesdays, but because of some work things, I had to shift it around this week, which worked out OK. Double workout days always make me so tired, but they are so worth it (and something that will be normal whenever I finally sign up for training for that ultra…). 



Rest day! Unless you count our marathon Pokemon hunting day as a workout. 🙂 



Running with the cows in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


10 miles in Wisconsin! Like I mentioned this weekend, my nephew biked with me and it was good to have some company (especially since I did the same loop twice). My legs were surprisingly tired at the end of this run, I’m not sure if it’s a combo of a tough workout week or the hills. Hopefully the 13 I have next weekend ends a little better.


Total: 33.8 miles + 2 OTF workouts!


I’ll take it! I felt like it was a pretty strong first week of training considering that it is week 1. I can’t wait to see my fitness improve over the next few weeks and get stronger as I get ready to tackle 26.2 once again. Woo!


Have you ever encountered a bear in real life? What’s the scariest animal you’ve seen (not in a zoo)? 

How were your workouts last week? Do you prefer structure or to do what you want in your workout routines?  

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