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Going on vacation? How to keep your fitness goals alive | Crazy Running Girl


In the meantime, I want to talk about something really important —> how to keep on track and work out during vacation. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been vacationing away in Northern Wisconsin with my family for the week. It’s been a busy week of relaxing aka spending time in the boat (tubing and fishing), playing Catan and everything in between. 

Getting ready to go tubing in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


I caught a fish! | Crazy Running Girl

Whenever I used to go on vacation, I used to think of it as an opportunity to throw my healthy eating, workouts, etc. to the side and justify it by saying that I’m going to “live life” because I’m on vacation. 

But then when I get BACK from vacation, life was just way more stressful. Workouts were way harder and the scale always crept up a few pounds. That’s not how I want to return from something that is supposed to relax me and make me feel better. 

SO, I’ve completely changed my perspective while I’m on vacation and ma keeping my workouts alive, instead of just pushing it aside and getting back to it when I go back home. Sometimes it’s not easy, sometimes it’s not what I want to do, but knowing that the results will be there when I get back make it so much more worth it. 

One of the biggest things that I’ve learned through this process is that you need to be flexible. I know that sounds crazy, but when you are on vacation, you can’t live by your normal schedule. You may have to get up earlier, work out later in the day, find an alternative way to get your exercise in or find different foods that meet your nutritional goals. If you try to be too strict with what you ‘normally’ do, you will just get frustrated and it will not end well. 

Having someone with you on vacation that keeps you accountable is important | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve also learned that it helps to tell the people you are with about your goals for the week… because if they are truly the people that build you up and love you, they will be there to support you and keep you accountable. This week, my nephew has been keeping me going for my runs (mostly because it’s a good chance for him to Pokemon hunt), but I think he’s even more ready to go than I am in the morning for a run. 

Want a donut on vacation? it doesn't have to ruin your #fitness goals! In today's post... | Crazy Running Girl


Lastly, you are likely to indulge —> I had a donut this week for the first time in for-ev-er, and it was a good treat. Old me may have found a way to eat another one… and keep treating myself throughout the day (it IS vacation right?!), but instead, I’m looking at ways where I can give myself a little indulgence without going overboard and feel like it’s made such a difference (we’ll see what the scale says next week). 

So, instead of throwing everything out the window while you’re on vacation —> use it as an opportunity to switch things up, get in your fitness (after all, isn’t the point of vacation to keep you relaxed… same as your workouts?!) and treat yourself a little bit. 


Do you work out when you go on vacation? What’s your favorite type of vacation? 

Any other tips for how to stay motivated to work out during vacation? 

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