Hi everyone! Today is Friday and for once, I’m not saying yahoo and happy that it’s the weekend. We head back to my hometown today after a fun week up north at the cabin, and I’ll have more details about our fun adventures in Monday’s post! Needless to say, this weekend is still TECHNICALLY vacation since I’ll still be in relaxation mode and not a lot on the calendar. But the “real” vacation is officially over…

Since it is Friday and the official kick-off to this year’s Olympics, I thought it would be fun to link up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC and talk about the 5 things I’m looking forward to most for the 2016 Summer Olympics. There is a lot so I feel like it was really hard to narrow it down!

5 things I can't wait to watch during the 2016 Summer Olympics | Crazy Running Girl



1. The women’s marathon



If the women’s marathon is anything like the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, it is going to be a stellar race! I love all of the girls and can’t wait to see how they do. But especially Shalane and Desi, as I’ve been tracking them for a few years. I love how both of them are such fighters, and Shalane just keeps getting in better and better shape (if that’s even possible). The race is next Sunday, August 14 at 7:30 a.m., so make sure you tune in!


2. And of course, the men’s marathon!


This will be Meb’s last Olympics, which is absolutely incredible since he has been representing our country for so long. I cannot wait to see how he performs, and just watch the race overall. And of course, it will be interesting to see how Jared Ward performs since he was such a newcomer at the Trials and people were kinda like huh? when he qualified. It will be awesome to see him do super well!

I am also cheering for Pardon Ndhlovu, who runs for Janji! He is from Zimbabwe and the sweetest guy. So excited to see him race, too!

The race is Sunday, August 21 at 7:30 a.m.


3. All the other track and field running events

2016 U.S. Olympic Track Trials


I love the summer Olympics because there are SO many great events — swimming, gymnastics, you name it. I do think that I love watching track and field the most, especially since I had a chance to watch the qualifiers in Eugene this year! I really want to see Molly Huddle, Jeremy Taiwo, Brittney Reese and Shannon Rowbury do for the U.S. And of course, some other stars like Usain Bolt!


4. Rule 40

You’ve likely heard the controversy around this —> basically Nike (and other huge brands) is a huge sponsor for the U.S. Olympic Committee and all athletes, regardless of who sponsors them to get to the Olympics, must wear Nike. The brands that sponsor these athletes have a long list of rules of what they can and cannot do leading up to the Olympics and during the games, and the athletes themselves have rules to follow. I get it, it’s a HUGE moneymaker for the USOC and Nike. 

But, it’s also REALLY ridiculous. Some of the words that the USOC has “banned” from other companies include “#Rio2016,” “Go for the Gold” and “Let the Games Begin.” If you are a company and infringe on these trademarks, you can get in some serious trouble. Granted, they did change the rule slightly this year so that companies can advertise using their athletes, but can’t overly promote the Olympics. 


Way to promote the whole idea of “it takes a community”… 


5. Seeing our world “get along” and hearing inspirational stories along the way

I love watching the Opening Ceremonies because there is such a sense of comraderie and excitement for the games. I think it is such a huge deal that so many countries around the world are able to get together and peacefully compete against each other for a few weeks out of the year. Along the way, there are so many inspirational stories — such as the first female athlete from a country or the road that some had to take just to make it to the Olympics. The combination of this, and the points above, will make the next few weeks SO exciting!


(Now hopefully I don’t get fined from the USOC for this post… ;))


What are you looking forward to most for the Olympics? 

Any athletes you are cheering on in particular? 

What do you like better —> Winter or Summer Olympics

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