Hey there and happy Monday! I got back from Wisconsin yesterday morning (getting up at 4 a.m. for my 5:45 a.m. flight wasn’t my favorite, but definitely loved getting home around noon!) and am getting ready for a week of work AND a trip to Oregon this weekend! 

This is the last trip that I have on the schedule, and after that, life gets back to a little bit of normalcy. I think if I hadn’t bit the bullet and paid for TSA Precheck a few weeks ago, I would have bene pulling my hair out with all the airport lines. 

Anyways, what’s it like to spend a week in the Northwoods of Wisconsin? 

Pretty awesome, if you don’t mind mosquitos! The bugs were just as bad as they were hiking in Colorado, but luckily, we spent most of our time on the boat and on the water so they didn’t bother us too much there. 

My family and I have been going to a cabin for a week in the summer for almost 10 years now! We tried out a new spot this year, even further north in Cable, WI, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Loon on Lake Owen | Crazy Running Girl


Sunset on Lake Owen in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


For my “try something new” this month, I opted to go on a mountain bike ride while we were up there. Mountain biking is a huge deal up in that area (along with fat tire bikes), so it was cool to explore some of the trails. The mosquitos drove us out, so we didn’t get too far but did enough for the experience. More on that + pictures next week!

We also spent a lot of time fishing, and I got one!

Catching a fish on Lake Owen | Crazy Running Girl


My nephew took the cake with his monster bass, though:

Largemouth bass on Lake Owen in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


We also spent a lot of time playing Settlers of Catan, mostly because we didn’t do a campfire because of the bugs — so it was our nightly ritual to put $1 on the game and play a few rounds. If you haven’t tried Catan, you really need to — it is one of my favorite games right now. 



Twin Cities Marathon Training Week 2

Just because I was on vacation didn’t mean I gave up on my training goals, which is something that I’ve changed as before –> I would have used it as an excuse to slack it up! My nephew was trying to hatch his Pokemon eggs, so he came with me on every workout, which was awesome to have the company! And he’s a trooper.

Post-run selfie at Lake Owen in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl



Here’s a recap of the week:

Sunday: Rest day, 8 mile bike ride with Brayden
Monday: Easy 4 miles
Tuesday: 6x400m with 200m slow jog between and 800m w/u and c/d
Wednesday: Easy 3 miles
Thursday: rest day (thunderstorm, boo)
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: 13 miles 


Total mileage: 31.5 miles


So why am I headed to Oregon? I’ll be running the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon by Destination Races! I am super excited to run a half and initially, I was gunning for a PR but given my run on Saturday… I don’t think I’m in that shape yet. So, it should be a fun race to enjoy the views and the experience. Super excited for one last vacation this summer!


Do you have any traditions with your family for vacation? 

Runners: When’s your next race? Where? 

What was your favorite moment of your weekend? 

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