Everyone, even celebrities, have jumped on board with the #firstsevenjobs chatter online and I thought it would be fun to join in (I am not counting babysitting as a job, but I started doing that when I was like 11!):

1. Bird care taker at the nursing home: My friend Gina and I started doing this when we were in middle school and every two weeks we were paid $25, which we would split and promptly go and spend on candy. The job was to clean out the bird aviaries and feed the birds. 

2. Sandwich artist at Subway: My dad always said that I smelled like a spicy meatball after I worked a shift! I worked here for about a year and a half and mastered the ultimate sandwich… if we ever meet up for Subway, I will show you what is amazing. (P.S. the meatball sub used to taste like a cheeseburger if you put pickles and mustard on it, weird I know). 

3. Busser at Foxfire on the Green: Oh, I was so out of my element at this job… barely 16 and I was working as a busser at a golf course and met some people who thought they were pretty high and mighty (like the guy that yelled at me for saying “hi, how are you guys doing today?” instead of referring to his wife as “ma’am.”

4. Associate at Kmart: I was also 16 when I worked here and somehow was promoted to service desk supervisor in just a few months. The worst was having to put away all of the discarded items that people lay around stores (ahem!) and having to work for up to TWO hours after close straightening everything up. 

5. Production worker at Greyhill: Yep, I worked at a factory! This factory made little plastic pieces that were used for a lot of different things, like the buttons on phones and even in bombs (or so we were told). This was definitely great motivation to do a good job when I went to college. 🙂

6. Waitress at Wheelhouse: I actually met Alysia by working here, and it was actually one of my favorite jobs just because of the people I met and the fun that we had. Plus, you couldn’t resist some amazing pizza.

7. Student worker in accounting department: When I went to the University of Minnesota, I started working in one of the college’s accounting departments. It was just like you would imagine. 😉


Yesterday was a really good mail day:

Plant protein from Life's Abundance | Crazy Running Girl


I ran out of my favorite plant protein before vacation and when I placed my order, I put in the wrong zip code for the address so they returned to sender. Nooo…! It was such a sad moment. But, now I’m stocked and ready to continue with my delicious morning protein smoothies.


These also showed up in the mail:

New Vibrams | Crazy Running Girl


Just in time for a hiking adventure in Oregon this weekend!


Has anyone tried these before?

Hairball relief pills for cats | Crazy Running Girl


You meaning you’ve given them to your cat 😉

My Apollo has really bad hairballs (probably because he spends 2/3 of his waking hours grooming himself) and none of the lubes seem to work. I read good reviews about this online and hope that it does the trick (it helps that he LOVES the way the pills taste and chowed down).


I bought a new computer! I’ve been talking about it for-ev-er and I finally took the plunge. I got THIS Asus.

Right now, I have a Mac that I bought in 2011 and it has been driving me crazy because it will take ages to open up a browser window or a program. So, I hope this one is much faster! 


I wanted to share this quote on Insta yesterday for Motivation Monday, but it was too big… so here you go: 

Nothing is as painful as staying where you don't belong | Crazy Running Girl

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Your turn —> what were your #firstsevenjobs? 

What kind of computer do you have? How often do you replace it? 


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