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Since it is the dead of summer around the country, I want to talk about how to survive running in humidity. 

First of all —> I have to say I feel lied to. When I first moved to Austin, everyone was like “oh it doesn’t get humid, it’s not like the rest of Texas, there’s always a nice breeze.”

And this summer I’m just feeling like:

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It’s been awful! I swear, it’s more humid in the AM too so for people who don’t get up early, when you talk about how humid it was, they are just kinda like huh? You’re exaggerating. 

Humidity can have harsh effects on our running. After running in WI for over a week, coming back to Texas to run has been really hard. My legs feel like lead and it just feels like I’m completely drained and dehydrated, even if it’s not the case. 

So, what can you do so you can survive running in humidity? 

How to survive running in humidity | Crazy Running Girl


A few things I’ve learned. 


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Cat in the water | Crazy Running Girl


You sweat WAY more when you run in the humidity (duh) so you need to make sure your body is well hydrated to handle it and not dehydrate yourself. The recommendation is to drink half your body weight in ounces in water a day, and I probably add another 30 ounces on top of that when it’s hot and humid. 


Get your salt (and electrolytes)

Salt joke | Crazy Running Girl


I also make sure that I am getting enough salt in my diet because I am sweating so much more in the summer (seriously, down here, I just have a constant sheen). I add salt to my hardboiled eggs and include it in a lot of meals that I eat. When I know I have a seriously hot run in the sun, I will make sure to get some of my water intake through an electrolyte-infused drink (this is my favorite right now). 


Run based on effort



This is perhaps one of the hardest things… learning how to throw time out the window and only care about how it feels. It makes a HUGE difference and will transform your mentality on those hard runs. For me, it kills my self confidence when I’m running and realize I am way off my target pace, and feel like crap because of the weather. It helps so much to think about how hard I am working and use that perspective to determine if I’m pushing myself. (check out THIS post for more info on running based on perceived effort) 


Take a trip somewhere cool

Lake Owen, Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


OK, so maybe this doesn’t fit in the budget, but it is a huge eye opener to see how strong you are when you don’t have to battle the humidity. When I was running in Wisconsin last week, it felt like a dream and I felt SO strong! It makes those hard runs feel so worth it.


Give yourself a break

You are amazing | Crazy Running Girl


Yes, cut yourself a break. You are doing amazing things and you are running, something that only a select few do in the first place and you are running in humidity — something even fewer people do! Running in humidity is hard and draining, both physically and mentally. If a run doesn’t go your way, if you have to walk or run at a slower pace, or if you have to cut your mileage a little shorter, give yourself a break. 


Any other tips for running in humidity? What’s your favorite type of weather to run in? 

How hot is too hot for you to run? If the heat index if over 100*, I will not run outside. 

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