Hey, hey Thursday! I am super excited because I am headed back to Oregon today!

Running views in Eugene, OR | Crazy Running Girl


I went for the first time earlier this summer with Brooks to the Olympic Track Trials, and am so excited that I go to go back! I am running a half marathon on Saturday, hiking on Sunday and breweries on Monday. (most of all, it’s going to be awesome to get out of this ridiculous heat… ughhh.)

I am also psyched to watch the women’s marathon on Sunday! It means an early early morning, but it will be so worth it. 

Speaking of the Olympics —> did anyone see Michael Phelps the other night when he was getting mentally prepped for the race? There are some really good memes going around about the supposed glare (I think it was the camera angle), but I think I love this one the most:

Phelps face from the Olympics | Crazy Running Girl


And speaking of early mornings —> while on vacation, I read a book called The Miracle Morning. I am going to write a full review on it soon (keeping up with my 12 books in 12 months goal!), but one of the biggest changes I’ve made since reading the book is skipping the snooze.

I am notorious for a) not being a morning person and b) hitting the snooze as many times as I can. When I was younger, my mom used to wake me up before school by ripping all the covers off, turning the lights on and off a bunch and yelling at me to wake up. 

And me?

I’d sleep through ALL OF IT. 

And then there was the time in college when my roommate was leaving for breakfast and my alarm, right next to my head, started going off. She came back to the room like 20 minutes later and could hear the alarm going off down the hall. 

And me? 

I was still sleeping. 

So yes, mornings are hard. 



I made a change a few weeks ago to help with skipping the snooze —> I put my phone across the room. 

But then you know what happened? I would get out of bed, turn off the alarm, take my phone and go back to sleep. So, that really didn’t do anything. Until I started setting five alarms (no exaggerating), and then I would just wake up and turn off each alarm and go back to sleep. 

The Miracle Morning had a unique philosophy about skipping the snooze button — more so on the front of how you can STOP doing it. I’ve been putting it into practice this week and so far, I’ve been successful at skipping the snooze! This is seriously success, guys. 

What’s happened as a result? I get my run in a little earlier and so I can get more done in the morning. I’m liking it so far!


What’s been your favorite moment from the Olympics so far? 

Morning people! How do you do it? 

Who else struggles in the AM? Any other tips for getting up and ‘at em?

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