Happy happy Friday! I hope you are all as excited about the weekend as I am, ha. 



Today I’m linking up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC to talk about the five foods I couldn’t live without. We were talking about this last weekend when we were in Oregon, and I really couldn’t think of anything when we started the conversation. Even after thinking about it for a few days, I’m still not entirely confident about my list but I might be taking this too extreme and thinking about if there was a zombie apocalypse… 

Ha, so anyways, the five foods I couldn’t live without-ish. 


1. Green grapes!

I love me some green grapes | Crazy Running Girl


I joke that every time that I train for a marathon, I get obsessed with one food. In the past, it’s been animal crackers, pretzels and I’m pretty sure ice cream made that list. For the past few marathon training cycles, green grapes have definitely taken the cake. Love love love these… plus they are great to get rid of my sweet tooth. 



2. La Croix



If you would have told me this would be on my “list” a year ago, i would have laughed… I used to HATE drinking La Croix (back in the days of Mountain Dew), but now I drink at least two a day. I love the light flavor and the fact that it feels like a “treat” even though it doesn’t amp up the calories. 



Snacking on PROBAR Bolt | Crazy Running Girl


Technically, this is a few different foods. But, I rely on PROBAR to get me through the day —> Bolts to give me energy before the run; Bite for when I need a snack; and Meal for when I just don’t have the energy (or the time) to whip up a lunch to take with me for work. These are the first bars that I’ve eaten that don’t leave me with a nasty taste in my mouth or feeling sick afterwards. 


4. Hardboiled eggs

Egg joke | Crazy Running Girl


This was a toss up between hardboiled eggs and avocado, because honestly, both are so full of protein that you NEED to eat them during marathon training. I would say hardboilied eggs won out because it’s really hard to grab an avocado and just start eating it after you get the skin off. Hardboiled eggs are always in my fridge, and pretty awesome to grab when you feel hungry but it’s a few hours from a meal. 


5. Beer

Celebrating after the Oregon Wine Half | Crazy Running Girl


Carb loading, right? 

I love beer, probably more than I should, and I definitely would miss it from food options if the world was coming to an end. Right now, I’m digging IPAs in particular, which I never thought would be the case — but they are super refreshing if they have the right balance of flavors. 


What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

What are your one or five foods you couldn’t live without? 

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