Over the past few months, I’ve alluded to the fact that I’ve lost some weight —> and I’ve lost a total of 15 pounds. I haven’t talked about it specifically because I feel like I still have some more to go (ideally, I’d drop another 10-15 pounds). However, yesterday I was looking back at old photos and came across this one from the Santa Rosa Marathon — taken exactly one year ago today. 

Post-beer festival at the Santa Rosa Marathon | Crazy Running Girl

When I looked at this picture, I couldn’t believe that it was me — I feel like I look so different. A comparison (the photo on the right was taken two weekends ago at the Oregon Wine Half Marathon). 

#TransformationTuesday - my journey to lose 15 pounds | Crazy Running Girl


I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe that used to be me, and I didn’t even realize that it was that bad. I thought that since I was running marathons, I was fine. But I was running marathons and wasn’t healthy, and continued to struggle with getting the speed that I wanted. #lessonlearned

Anyways, I thought I would share my story as part of #TransformationTuesday.


So, how did I lose 15 pounds? A few different things:

1. No soda: this was a BIG one for me… I used to drink at least one Mountain Dew a day, and sometimes a Dr. Pepper. Not only is that a lot of calories, it’s also a lot of sugar. I quit drinking soda January 4. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if it was tough –> and that time around? It wasn’t. I had tried quitting soda many times before but I guess I wasn’t ready. I often used soda as an emotional crutch so when there was a bad day, I was stressed out, etc. I would tell myself I deserved it and go for it. 

I have replaced it with something even more delicious: La Croix



I know, how typical, right? It seems like everyone is drinking La Croix these days but it’s for good reason — it’s so good, 0 calories, 0 sugar and a pop of flavor. 


2. The 7-day detox: I know that some people are skeptical about detoxes and there isn’t a lot of science behind whether they work, but when I did the seven-day detox earlier this year, it was a game changer. It taught me a lot about myself –> aka my level of willpower. I eliminated the emotional connection with food. I started to view it as fuel for my body, versus a treat for an awesome workout (totally used to do this) or a way to get through a terrible day. 


3. Increased the protein:

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie Recipe | Crazy Running Girl

I struggled for years to find a good breakfast option that would fill me up. Nothing seemed to work. I finally jumped on the protein shake bandwagon and have been loving it! I usually do a protein shake (using THIS plant protein, spinach, blackberries, banana, ice and coconut milk) with one or two hardboiled eggs on the side in the morning. It keeps me full until up to lunch time, so I’m not snacking on the terrible food left in the kitchen. I also find that starting my day with this makes it harder for me to hit that rock bottom level of #hangry. 


4. Oh yes, the eggs: I am OBSESSED with hardboiled eggs these days. I always have them in the fridge and when I find that I’ve ravenous too long before a meal, I eat one of these (under 100 calories and full of protein). I even tried eating them before Grandma’s Marathon and it seemed to work so well. 


5. Cut the stress: Yes, a big stressor was removed from my life earlier this year… and my entire life has changed over the past few months. I spend more time doing what I want to do, enjoying time with friends, going for hikes, traveling, you name it. I feel like this has made a really big difference mentally and physically. 


6. Amped up the workouts:

Rocking a weighted vest from Bodyrock | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve been marathon training pretty much all year, and instead of scaling back on my other workouts like OTF, I’ve increased the intensity. The important thing here is that while I’ve increased the workouts, I haven’t increased my food intake (which is usually a trap that I’ve fallen into). 


7. Get more sleep: I used to be lucky if I got five hours of sleep a night… and then I would work out for 2-3 hours the next day, work 8-9 hours and spend my night blogging/freelancing (see #4). I was so rundown and my body was stressed from it. I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night now (more when I’m marathon training), and have learned how to embrace naps, and I think it’s been a factor in my weight loss. 


So there you go! How I made it possible to lose 15 pounds. I think along the way I’ve learned a few things about weight loss that I didn’t before… for one, slower is much better. It has been a journey for several months and I think the wait has been so worth it. Because it’s taken so long, I think it means that it’s going to stick around. It’s become part of my natural lifestyle, and if I want to have a beer or two or indulge in that donut, not a big deal. 

Post-race recovery at the Oregon Wine Half | Crazy Running Girl


And secondly, it’s something that you need to be ready for. I tried to skip the soda so many times, and I just never could do it. If you aren’t fully committed and ready to make the changes you need to live healthier, it’s never going to work. The quick fixes and trying things that mean you deprive yourself of what you love in life will never work. You need to be ready for changing your lifestyle, permanently. 


Anyone else have a weight loss story? How did you make it happen? 

What’s one healthy change you’ve made in your life this year? 

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