As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I had a chance to speak with Dr. Kurt Venator about how to keep your pet (dogs AND cats) healthy and happy in the summer weather. To follow up with our conversation, Purina sent me a wearable fitness tracker… for your pet. 

Want to track your pet's activity levels? Why you should try out the FitBark | Crazy Running Girl

Ha yes, this is the technology that we have now! Even though it’s called the FitBark, you can modify it and use with other pets like your cat or even your pig. So of course, I needed to try it out with Jax. Jax is a Maine Coon and a very large cat (about 17 pounds)… in fact, his nickname is Big Fats (he responds to it but only because I think it rhymes with Jax):



Even though he’s so large, it’s not because he’s overweight… he is just a big cat. Either way, since I moved into my apartment, I’ve been worried that he hasn’t been as active as he should be since it’s not as large as where I lived before. So, I popped on the FitBark to get a sense of how active he is. And after a few minutes of playing with catnip, he looked like this:



And the tracker looked like this:

Trying out the FitBark | Crazy Running Girl


A good start to his activity level for the day… 😉

I set his “activity level” on the lowest level:

Pick your activity level on the FitBark | Crazy Running Girl


Which seems appropriate since he’s a cat, and they definitely aren’t as active as dogs. I think it’s really cool that you can track this data and get a good understanding of how active your pet is. Dr. Venator said that pets should get about 30 minutes of active time a day… so with this, you can have a good idea if they are doing that when you are gone for the day and how long you need to play with them at night to get their activity levels up. 

I also love these facts from Purina on why you should workout with your pet: 

Purina_Fitness with Pets_Infographic


Another layer of cool? It even monitors your pet’s sleep! The one thing I didn’t like about it is that even if you switch it to “cat,” all the language still talks about it in terms of it being a dog… it would be awesome if it would customize and talk about your individual pet. If you’re interested in getting your own FitBark —> check it out HERE


Please note that Purina sent me a FitBark to review how it tracks my cat’s health in the summer weather. All thoughts in this post are my own. 


Pet lovers! Tell me about your pets. Names? Breed? 

Do you think your pets are “active” enough? What do you do to keep them moving? 

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