Earlier this year, I made a goal to try something new every single month and thus far, I’ve done a lot of interesting things:


August was actually a month where I tried a lot of new things so instead of dedicating one post to each, I’m going to wrap them up in one and link up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC for Friday Five!

Friday Five: Trying New Things edition

5 new things I tried in August | Crazy Running Girl


Throwing knives

Well, learning about the art of throwing knives actually happened when we were backpacking in Colorado, but I’m totally counting it for one reason: I suck at it.

Sunset while backpack camping in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


If you aren’t familiar with it —> there are throwing knives that you can buy that are specifically designed for you to throw them at things like trees. We did this and my friends are all pretty good at it, so at least I provided them some good comedic relief with my inability to actually get the knife to stick.

After practicing for a bit more after we played, I did finally get the knife to stick – and I would say that it took a little extra talent:

Trying something new - throwing knives! | Crazy Running Girl



Mountain biking

Mountain biking in Northern Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


When we were up north in Wisconsin, I rented a mountain bike so we could try out some of the trails. The CAMBA trails in Northern Wisconsin are hundreds of miles long and are absolutely beautiful.

Mountain biking the Esker Trail | Crazy Running Girl


We didn’t last too long because the mosquitos were absolutely terrible and we were getting eaten alive, even with bug spray on.

Mountain biking in Northern Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


In the little bit that we did it, I absolutely loved the adventure. It was a little chaotic and nerve-wracking, mostly because riding over roots makes you feel like you are going to wipe out at any moment, but I would love to do it again (and would love to do it on the CAMBA trails in the fall).



Ha, I realize that this has so many meanings in our world today. I did not go and troll the comment sections of blogs and newspapers, sorry. Instead, it’s a method of fishing where you have your lure hanging out the side of the boat as you drive along the shore (we also tried this while in Wisconsin).

Sunset in the Northwoods, WIsconsin | Crazy Running Girl


It’s basically the cheater’s method of fishing.

And because cheater’s never win, I didn’t catch anything.

Trying something new - trolling in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


But my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew caught a bunch (or so they say… you know how fish stories go).

Even so, it was a lot of fun! Maybe next time I’ll get something.


Wine tasting!

Trying something new - wine tasting in Oregon | Crazy Running Girl


When I was in Oregon a few weeks ago, I finally went to my first official wine tasting. I know, where have I been, right?! Typically when I’ve gone to wineries in the past, I’ve usually just grabbed a glass and figured that was good enough. However, when you are at Stoller Estates (which was up for the best winery in the U.S.), you need to do a wine tasting.

Trying something new - wine tasting in Oregon | Crazy Running Girl


I think it gave me a new appreciation for wine – really interesting to learn more about the wines, why they make them and how they make them. One of the wines we tried was made from grapes that they only had an acre of – out of the hundreds of acres that they own!

Trying something new - wine tasting in Oregon | Crazy Running Girl


White wine still rocks, btw.


Round Rock Express

If you live in Austin, you don’t have very many options to see a sporting event live – minus minor league teams and University of Texas (which is basically a minor league team). A few weeks ago, I had the chance to go check out the Round Rock Express with one of my friends.

Watching the Round Rock Express in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


It was REALLY hot that night so we didn’t last too long (and went to do THIS instead), but it was a fun adventure. The stadium is really awesome and actually has a pool in it! And the field is much smaller (maybe because you are so much closer to it?!). I would definitely head back to a Round Rock Express game once the weather cools down (or in the spring when the nights are always cool).


So there you have it! One theme I noticed in this post —> I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a LOT of cool places this summer. It has definitely kept things interesting. 🙂


What are some new things you’ve tried this summer? 

Tell me one thing you are really bad at, but love anyways!


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