Hi hi! Hope everyone had a really awesome weekend and welcome to Monday. 



I took the weekend easy in terms of working out, which my legs were REALLY happy about. They were in a permanent stage of exhaustion and I decided to scale back instead of worrying about getting injured. More on that in Twin Cities Marathon training recap!

I did get to eat at one of my favorite places —> Torchy’s

Baja Shrimp Taco from Torchy's Tacos | Crazy Running Girl


I love love LOVE their tacos, but I was not a fan of their taco of the month. They are doing a heat challenge, and considering I can barely handle medium salsa, I wasn’t even going to try it. If you ever make it to Torchy’s, my go tos are the Republican and the Baja Shrimp (above). Sometimes you can get the Naughty Santa, which is my all-time favorite (chorizo and shrimp), if the cashier has been there for awhile (if they have all of the ingredients on the menu, they’ll make the taco of the month at any point in the year). 

Speaking of spicy —> I hung out with some coworkers and we went to Thai Kun in the Domain. I love Thai food, but this was on another level of spiciness (the papaya salad? all I could taste was burning). Thank goodness for Thai Iced Tea —> 

Thai iced tea from Thai Kun | Crazy Running Girl



I would definitely recommend if you can handle your spice… and if you can’t? Just order a few few Thai Iced Teas. 😉

And totally random, but love this street art in the Domain —> 

Love is the answer | Crazy Running Girl


Alright, here you have it! Twin Cities Marathon training recap —> only 6 weeks to go! CRAZY. 



Sunday: 90 minute OTF class (this was KILLER —> my arms were shaking for at least 10 minutes after the class and I was sore for three days straight! Still love it.)
Monday: Easy 4 miles
Tuesday: Yassos —> 800 w/u with 10x800m and 400m jog in between and 800m c/d 
Wednesday: OTF
Thursday: 11 mile run
Friday: rest day
Saturday: rest day


Next weekend is my first 20 miler in the training cycle! Hopefully it cools down a little bit so it’s not terrible… and so I don’t have to get up at 5 a.m. on Saturday. 😉


How was your weekend? Can you handle spicy food? 

Has the summer weather started cooling down near you? 

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