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Before I get into today’s post talking about a running support system, I wanted to talk about a different support system for us ladies —> sports bras! I’ve written a few posts about this over the past few months, as I learned why you should actually get a fitting and also, objected to the idea of making a DIY sports bra from underwear (<— yes that’s really a thing!). 

Brooks Running just sent me two of their bras to try out from the latest additions to their line —> Frontrunner Racer Sports Bra and the Anyday Sports Bra

The Brooks Running Frontrunner Racer Sports Bra | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve worn the Frontrunner Racer Sports Bra a few times now and I love the fit —> it’s perfect for those of us that don’t… need a lot of support. 😉 I also love the v-neck cut — I love wearing v-neck shirts for running but hate how you can always see my sports bra. Plus, it’s a fun design that accents your work out apparel (this has become a bigger deal to me since I started doing fitness classes). 

The Anyday Sports Bra is bridging the sports bra as part of athleisure… a sports bra that you can wear throughout the day and for your workout, too. Because let’s face it, sometimes we forget to pack the most important things… a sports bra and hair tie. This sports bra is SUPER comfortable but also works under your regular clothes… definitely has that “barely there” feel. Definitely a fan!


Now let’s talk about the other running support system (welcome back, male readers). I think it’s SO important to have a group around you that supports your love for running and your crazy ideas. My ex wasn’t the biggest fan of my running and it was a constant point of stress in our relationship. I was getting up too early to run, running too much, racing too much, spending too much time traveling to races, etc. It was really hard to deal with and made me skip more runs than I ever wanted to admit because I actually felt guilty for getting out there and doing what I love. 

One of the ways I know that someone is meant to be in my life —> I tell them about a race that I want to run, and they respond with you’re crazy but quickly follow up with but that’s really awesome. They get me. They appreciate my drive, they understand my passion for fitness and making myself a better version than I was yesterday.

Those are the people who are my people. 

It's amazing how far you can go... | Crazy Running Girl


I am really lucky to have a really wide-reaching running support system… mostly in thanks to the awesome blogging community, but also because I’ve had the opportunity to live in a lot of great running cities. 

However, perhaps the most favorite among my running support system? My family. 

I don’t think my nephew (he’s 13) realizes it, but he’s a pretty big supporter of my running and has been for a really long time. He always gets really excited to hop on his bicycle and go with me while I’m running. He’s also run a few 5ks with me (and our first Turkey Trot later this year!) and it’s been amazing to be able to experience those races right at his side. 



Sure, he doesn’t ask me how many miles I’m running or what I’m training for, but he keeps me accountable in a big way. There’s no way I can tell him that I’m going for a run and back out at the last minute because “I don’t feel like it.”

Brayden rocking the Brooks Running gear | Crazy Running Girl


When we were up in Northern Wisconsin earlier this summer, he went on every single run I did (mostly because he wanted to hatch his Pokemon eggs). Selfishly, I loved having the company. But even more so, I absolutely loved being able to spend that time with him. He’s getting to the age where I’m not going to be cool or fun to hang out with, so I feel like I need to cherish every moment that I can get. 

I am still working on convincing him that he should join cross country:

Brayden running! | Crazy Running Girl



Because I think he’d definitely be a rockstar! He does love the Neuro from Brooks Running (such a fun pair of shoes!):

The Brooks Neuro for men | Crazy Running Girl


So, thank you to my running support system for helping me be the runner that I am today. Thank you for keeping me accountable, whether you know it or not. I wouldn’t be 21 marathons in if it wasn’t for you!


Women —> what’s your favorite type of sports bra? Underwire? 

Who is part of your running support system? Why do you think a running support system is important? 

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