Hello hello, and happy Labor Day! I am still trying to get over the fact that it’s already September —> where has this year gone? I mean, by no means am I not complaining because it means that fall and football season is back… I love me some football (did you see that University of Texas game last night?!) and everything that comes along with it, including the memes and hilarious jokes like this one: 

Sam Bradford to the Vikings | Crazy Running Girl

Ha, ha. Anyways! This weekend. Kicked it off on Friday with the joy of visiting the social security office and DMV to get my name changed back to my maiden name. The DMV here has launched a new system where you can get in line online, and track how long before you are supposed to be served… which is a cool idea; except for when you get within about 10 minutes, they kept pushing it back so my 53 minutes in line turned into over two hours. 

So it’s done! Hopefully that’s the last time I go back for a long time. And it feels so good to be back to MY name. 

After all the hours in line, I met up with a friend to kick off Friday right with a hike at one of my favorite parks in Austin, Walnut Creek. 

Hiking Walnut Creek in Austin | Crazy Running Girl


Saturday continued the fitness adventure with a 20 miler (oh my gosh, why did I hit the snooze button for an hour?!) and I didn’t try to let the heat break me down mentally too much (such a challenge when it’s in the 80s with high humidity… at least this means I should be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way on marathon day!). 

And since then? The weekend has been all about relaxation.
The Betches book | Crazy Running Girl

Jax the Maine Coon | Crazy Running Girl


Reading, pool time, catching up on TV (oh hey there Teen Mom OG), crocheting and watching football (did you see that Wisconsin game?!). 

I also had to stop by and get a fresh bottle of the hairball pills I’ve been giving Apollo —> Vet’s Best Hairball Relief

Jax obsessed with hairball medication | Crazy Running Girl


This stuff is AMAZING! Apollo hasn’t been sick since I started giving him it; and Jax is seriously obsessed. So much that he managed to get up on the counter, completely knock the pill bottle over and start munching before I could get over to block him… #brat. 


Twin Cities Marathon Training – Recap!

Su: Rest day
Mo: 5 miles + OTF after work
Tu: Speed work! 800m w/u with 3 mile repeats (6:31 per mile!!) with 400m slow jog and 800m c/d
We: Easy 4 miles + OTF
Th: 12 miles
Fr: Rest day
Sa: 20 miles!!

46 miles for the week! Building up to peak week and starting to feel amazing and ready for what marathon day throws at me. The mile repeats were absolutely incredible for building up my confidence this week… I am still stunned that I was able to average 6:31 per mile on my mile repeats! My legs were feeling a little dead this week and I’m trying to work on listening to my body and balancing running with weight training/OTF. 


What have you been doing this weekend? Anyone traveling? Where did you go? 

How do you balance running with your other workouts? Any tips? 

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