When I first started running decades ago (feeling old right now…), I ran with headphones and music all the time. But 10 years ago (!!!), when I started training for the Twin Cities Marathon, they had really strict rules against wearing headphones during the race (I think races are more lax now) and I was terrified to get kicked out of my first race so I trained myself to run without music. 

As a result, running has become my time to meditate and chill out with my thoughts. But in the past year or so, I started adding a little bit of headphone/music action for some runs — particularly when I need to do speedwork. I’ve noticed that it makes a difference in pushing through when the going gets tough, especially when you have the right song to give you that extra oomph. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the Trekz Titanium Aftershokz with Sweat Pink… Trekz has a special edition of their headphones in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I LOVE the bright color. 
Product Review: Trekz Titanium Aftershokz | Crazy Running Girl

I have to admit —> the first time I tried these out, I sent Kimberly a message because I was SO confused about the fit. She talked me off the cliff and now I get that you can’t compare these to other types of headphones that you’ve used in the past. 

These headphones use bone conduction technology, which is the safest alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds. What that means is that it rests against the outside of your ear, rather than in your ear:

Trying out the Trekz Titanium Aftershokz | Crazy Running Girl


It was definitely different to get used to at first, but they do stay in place and do an awesome job of blasting the music (I am the type that always wants to max it out —> I know, definitely not the best for your ear health). 

I also like that with these, I don’t have to deal with the pain that I sometimes get when I wear headphones because of my tragus piercing. Only certain in-ear headphones fit me well, and it can be really hard to find a good fit — but with the Trek Titanium, I didn’t even have to worry about that. 

Trying out the Trekz Titanium Aftershokz | Crazy Running Girl


Definitely recommend checking them out —> have some patience if you do and let yourself adjust to the fit. If you are interested in the pink (they are pretty awesome), Trekz will donate 25% of sales to Bright Pink — an organization that supports breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education. PLUS, for a limited time, you can get a free case for your headphones! Add the small case to your cart and use coupon code PinkGift!


So once you get your headphones —> you need some music to jam to! Some of you may know this, but I’m a huge hip hop/rap fan and especially a fan of Lil Wayne, so generally when I’m jamming to music on the run, that’s what I have on my running playlist. I am also a huge Nashville country fan (yes, Nashville — not Texas country — there’s a difference!) (and also, yes, I realize that it’s a little crazy that my top two fav music genres are hip hop/rap and country), so I decided to take a chance and jam to some of my favorite country songs at the moment during my last speed workout. 

And you know what? It was pretty awesome! I wasn’t sure if it was going to give me the boost I needed, but the fact that I knew all of the words was oddly comforting and inspiring. In case you want to give it a shot –> my country playlist:

Today's country running playlist | Crazy Running Girl


This blog post is made possible by Sweat Pink! Please note that I was provided the Trekz Titanium Aftershokz for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions in this blog post are my own! 


Have you ever tried bone conduction headphones like the Trekz Titanium Aftershokz? What did you think? 

Favorite music? Favorite artist? 


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