When I was a little girl growing up in a small town in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin, I always dreamt of the day of living in a big city. I’m not quite sure why it appealed to me, but it was something I wanted to do since I was a kid. 

I mean, I totally wanted to be a stock broker and work on Wall Street when I was in fifth grade. #nerd

So when I went to college in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota, it was just the adventure that I was looking for. I loved the chaos of the city and the opportunity to be anonymous (I grew up in a town where people pretty much knew what you were going to do before you even knew). Add to that the culture, the multitude of things to do and a great circle of friends, and it started to feel like home after college. 


Fast forward to moving to Florida with the boyfriend at the time, and then finally back to NYC to fulfill my dream of living in the city that never sleeps. And it was amazing and I was so happy that I lived that dream (still looking for a new top of the bucket list item — have some ideas!). From there, I moved on to Austin where I’ve been for the past almost three years. For awhile, I thought this was going to be my forever home. 

But, things change. It was about a year and a half ago when I was flying and had a layover in Minneapolis, and the weirdest feeling came over me —> it just felt like I was home and I felt a little homesick, something I never experienced before. I pushed it to the back of my head because I was happy in Austin and that was my home. 



Over the past few months (thanks to my friends still living in Minneapolis), I’ve been reminded of what an amazing city it is and how much it has changed. The four seasons. The sports. The food. The breweries. The running. The proximity to my family. The people. The culture. Oh and by the way, Runner’s World just named it the #7 best place to run in the U.S. 

And so, I’m super excited to announce that I’m moving to Minneapolis!

It’s like everything has come full circle. 

I am extremely pumped for this opportunity and at the chance to move home. (and wear my friends’ t-shirts all the time and look like a local)

Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis on a summer day | Crazy Running Girl


Don’t get me wrong, I love Austin. There are some great things down here and it’s a super cool city. I don’t know how I’m going to survive without my twice a week Torchy’s fix. But I’m ready to move somewhere where I really feel like it’s home. 

So in two weeks, I’ll be packing up the Jeep and headed north. See you soon, Minneapolis! xoxo


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