Thank you all for your love yesterday!! I cannot believe that I am headed home after all of these years and I am so excited to be back in the Midwest.

But more importantly: 

Friday meme | Crazy Running Girl


(I seriously love this little kid and all of the memes with this picture.)

Isn’t it weird how short holiday weeks like this always seem to last for-ev-er?! Kills me. But yay for the weekend!

And yay for cooler weather! We have maybe dropped a few degrees, not much, but I keep talking to everyone up north who conveniently have to mention that they are feeling a little “crispness” in the air. SO JEALOUS. Granted, I will be there in about two weeks so I can’t be THAT jealous. 😉 

Fall = hoodies, pumpkin everything, jeans, no humidity, fall leaves, FOOTBALL

And some of my favorite running weather. Today I’m linking up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run and sharing my five reasons to love fall running. 

5 reasons to love fall running | Crazy Running Girl




Waiting for fall weather | Crazy Running Girl


This is definitely my favorite reason for fall running weather! It makes me so happy to get up in the morning and not have the number have two 8s or even two 9s in it. 😉 Fall running weather is just amazing… I swear it puts a little extra pep in my step. It’s one of the reasons why I love running fall marathons. 



2. Thumbholes.

Brooks Women's Threshold Long Sleeve Running | Crazy Running Girl[i need this in my life]

Do I need to explain this? Thumbholes are pretty much the greatest invention ever when it comes to running clothes. The top part of my hand always gets chilly and wearing gloves just seems to be too much when it’s not like 20* outside. 



3. More races!



Especially if you live down here, the summer race calendar is pretty light (and for good reason). There are SO many fall race options and it makes me happy to finally have a choice between a few races on the weekend (I haven’t mentioned it yet this week, but I’m actually running a 10k tomorrow as part of my training run). But all the marathons! All the half marathons! Yay!



4. The leaves!



I absolutely love the pop of fall colors… it’s such a good distraction when you are running long and hard. Plus, when it comes to running a marathon like Twin Cities Marathon, it makes the race that much better. I could stare at the leaves all. day. long. 



5. The BEST recovery foods!



There are so many good foods that are around in the fall — fresh apples, pumpkin everything and anything, dark beers, chili… the list goes on and on. I am so excited to enjoy all of this in the next few months! Nothing is better than a fresh apple… or a pumpkin beer… or chili on a football Sunday… seriously could go on forever with this. 😉 

Also, I am still done with candy corn. If you have read CRG for a long time, you know that I used to be OBSESSED with candy corn and would eat so much of it every year. But then my stomach would hurt, my running would suffer and I wouldn’t realize the correlation. So, I still love candy corn but I am better off not eating it and enjoying all the other foods that you can enjoy during the fall months. 


Do you love fall? What’s your favorite season? 

What are some other things you love about fall? 

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