One of my friends sent me this yesterday and it made me so happy:

Yesterday I wanted tacos... | Crazy Running Girl


I think tacos will be the main food that I will miss from Austin. The tacos down here are absolutely ridiculous. But it probably means that I’ll lose a few pounds, so I can go with that. 😉


Today is Running Coaches’ Corner —> where Susie, Debbie, Rachel and I host a link-up with the best running tips, advice, etc. More details below (including how you can join)! 

Yesterday I overslept a bit so I didn’t have time to get my run in before work. I was working from home in the AM (had a mobile vet come to my apartment to get Jax some drugs for the trip — seriously recommend a mobile vet service, it was amazing!) so figured I would make it a runch date!

I had Yassos on the calendar (10x800ms with 400m slow jog between and 800m w/u and c/d) so I figured this would be a great workout to hit the treadmill to kick out. I talked a little bit about doing a treadmill sprint workout earlier this year, and it’s slowly become my new favorite way to do sprints for a few reasons:

  1. You can control your speed. 
  2. You don’t have to worry about the weather impacting your workout. 
  3. If you don’t have access to a track, you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere flat. 


I hit a 3:29 average for each of the 800ms which if you follow the Yasso formula, means that it predicts that I will run a 3:29 marathon. I can deal with that! I bet you if I ran these out on the track, it would not have been as solid of a time. 

Which makes me wonder, is doing a treadmill sprint workout a little bit like cheating? Yes, you are still running the paces and pushing your body… but mentally, you aren’t pushing yourself as much. You aren’t turning and burning on a track while mentally pushing yourself to give that little bit extra when you are struggling. 

You aren’t dealing with the weather elements, which come into play on marathon day (seriously, Mother Nature has this thing where she doesn’t like marathons…). 

So is it truly a predictor of your fitness? I honestly don’t have an answer to this! For the runners that I coach, I would not advise against running on the treadmill but I would recommend that you try to push yourself a little harder than you would do on the track. For instance, for the Yassos today, instead of doing a 400m break in between each, I did a 200m break. 

That being said, if you are interested in doing a treadmill sprint workout, I have the one for you! 

Treadmill sprint workout | Crazy Running Girl


Do you ever do sprints on the treadmill? Do you think it’s “cheating”? 

Ever done Yassos? Strong predictor of your marathon time? 

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