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One of my goals for the year was to focus on finding balance – which is probably one of the worst goals that you can set because it doesn’t follow the “SMART” formula. However, it’s something that I don’t think that I was ready to put specific parameters around because I honestly wasn’t that ready to admit that I didn’t have balance in my life.

I kinda threw it out there in a way where I knew that everything in my life was so out of whack, that finding balance was something that I knew I desperately needed. But I didn’t know quite what that looked like. Was it just being able to put my phone away for an hour a night so I could say I was disconnecting? Did I need to quit eating junk food? Or were some people in my life right – I was just too uptight and needed to learn how to let go? Did I need to book some solo travel adventures to “discover” myself?

Well, it turns out that it was a little bit of each. I definitely can’t sum up everything that I’ve done to find balance throughout the year in this post, which is why I am using this as an opportunity to kick off a series of how I’m found balance in my life over the past nine months. Maybe some of the learnings I’ve had throughout the year can help you too.

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The biggest thing I’ve learned? It’s okay to be selfish. For so long, I was operating under the impression that if everyone else around me is happy, then I felt like I was happy too.

There are so many things wrong with that and I realize that now.  If only I would have caught on a little bit earlier to that. Finding happiness in yourself is the most important thing that you can ever have – it’s the foundation for anything in your life. Yes, it’s great if you make other people happy – but the minute they are not happy, then how do you feel? What does that do for your self-worth?

I’ve always been an optimistic person – I mean, remember the time in NYC when my boss said I was too happy? Yeah, that happened.

But there’s a difference between being optimistic and feeling happy. Looking on the bright side is inevitable as an optimist, but living in that bright side is mandatory to truly be happy in your life.

How do you find your spot in the bright side? I wish I could tell you the exact directions to do it. It’s different for every single person – what makes me happy could very well likely make you or another person extremely miserable.

But I can say, once I realized that I needed to focus on my happiness, it wasn’t that hard to discover how to find it.



However, it’s a journey that can be tough. It can be hard to finally focus on YOU, especially if you are someone (ahem, me) that likes to focus so much on other people. It can be really difficult to take a look at your life as it exists today and admit that it kinda sucks, especially if you’ve worked really hard to get where you are. Notice, I didn’t say impossible. It can be done. But you have to be ready for the hard truth because if you can face that, the other side is definitely worth it.

So what is it, where are the areas that I’ve found balance? I’ll go into detail in each of these in a future post but here are the main areas:




Surround yourself with people... | Crazy Running Girl

I focus on who I want to let into my life. Yes, you read that right – “let” in. The negative influences and time sucks are now gone. I no longer stay friends with people because we have a “history” or because I feel like I owe them one.

The people in my life are there because I love them and I love what they bring to the table. I surround myself by people that I feel make me better, and I hope they say the same, too.




There was a time where my bank account would get into the single digits 48 hours before payday. I had balances on seven credit cards. And my savings never seemed to increase as much as I hoped.

This year, I’ve taken a good hard look at my money and what story I want it to tell and have completely changed the way that I budget and thinking about money. This is perhaps the area where I am most excited about the progress that I’ve made, and can’t wait to share with you how I’ve gotten there!




Yes, I’m a runner and I’ve run numerous marathons before this year… but I never felt like my health was in my control. I could definitely knock out long runs like nobody’s business, but I didn’t feel like I was in the best shape of my life. My weight seemed to go up year after year, and I just never felt confident in how I looked.

I changed that this year, both from a nutrition and fitness perspective… and I LOVE how far I’ve come. I have more that I want to conquer in this arena, but I love the progress that I’ve found since I started focusing on finding balance.




Seriously, where does the time go? I feel like I’m finally getting a better handle on this and my focus on balance has been to get rid of those time sucks. Oh hey there Candy Crush, sorry you never made it on my new phone.

And it’s also a balance of making sure my time is spent in the right places… with the right people. Definitely a work in progress. 🙂



Over the next few weeks, I’ll share a blog post each Thursday talking about each of these areas where I’ve found balance… come by and check it out!


How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you struggle to find balance in your life? What are your tips to making it easier to achieve?

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