A few months ago, I jumped on the kombucha train and I haven’t looked back. If you aren’t familiar, kombucha is a fermented tea that has become really popular in the past few years. I think it started with the hipsters but has definitely become more mainstream recently.

It’s supposed to have some great health benefits – it’s a natural probiotic so it promotes good digestion and gut health, among other things.

There’s something about kombucha that I really love… and I’m kinda surprised by it, too! I really like that it has a good pop of flavor, some great health benefits and not a ton of calories. I generally live on water or La Croix, so when I need a pop of flavor, I will usually crack one of these open.

I usually find the best flavors and brands at Sprouts down here in Texas, but I know that Whole Foods has a good selection too. Over the past few months, I’ve been on the quest to find my most favorite flavor because I’ve learned that not all kombuchas are created equal. 

So for today’s Friday Five, I’m linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC to talk about my favorite five kombuchas that you must try!

The Ultimate Kombucha Taste Test | Crazy Running Girl

1. LIVE Kombucha

Love kombucha? See what I thought about LIVE Kombucha | Crazy Running Girl


LIVE Kombucha is actually the first one that I tried and it makes sense — it’s based in Austin! I immediately fell in love with it — it is quite carbonated and I think that they made this kombucha to go mainstream and be more popular with people who drink soda. I have tried a few different flavors, but I do think that rhuberry and the root beer are my two favorite. 


2. BluePrint Kombucha

Love kombucha? See what I thought about BluePrint Organic Kombucha | Crazy Running Girl


This recently hit the shelve at my local Sprouts and I am so happy that it finally did! I think that BluePrint Kombucha is probably my favorite out of all the kombuchas that I’ve tried. It has the right balance of carbonation and the traditional kombucha flavor (which is more vinegary). I love that you can really tell a difference in the various flavors that they have (although the one pictured above is probably my favorite out of all of these). 


3. Sprouts Organic Kombucha

Love kombucha? See what I thought about the Sprouts Organic Kombucha | Crazy Running Girl


Ooh Sprouts definitely makes a good kombucha! It is definitely more sour/vinegary than the others that I have tried, but I still like it. Blueberry ginger is probably my favorite flavor out of all that I have tried, so definitely check it out if you have a Sprouts in your area. 


4. The Bu Kombucha

Love kombucha? See what I thought about the Bu Kombucha | Crazy Running Girl


The Bu Kombucha (fun name, don’t you think?!) probably has the least distinctive kombucha flavor out of the bunch. I generally opt for the tangerine, but you can’t taste it too heavily in the flavor. This one tastes more like water than any of the others, but sometimes that’s the taste that you need (especially on a hot day). 


5. Celestial Organics

Love kombucha? See what I thought about Celestial Kombucha | Crazy Running Girl


Out of all of the ones that I’ve tried, I think it has the strongest flavoring. I’ve tried the grape, so maybe that’s why, but it definitely is a lot sweeter than the other ones. But just like the one I reviewed in #4, you are sometimes in the mood for what Celestial Organics brings to the table. I also like the bottle design. 🙂


I haven’t yet tried any kombucha on tap, because usually I find that when I’m at a bar and have already committed to a delicious beer. I definitely do want to give that a shot! I think it would be fun to learn more about kombucha and try out making my own (maybe for one of my try something new this year?!). Also, Emily’s (fellow Brooks ambassador!) husband has started his own kombucha company and this is definitely on my list to try when it makes it to my area. 


Have you tried kombucha? Yay or nay? 

What’s your favorite beverage of choice right now? 

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