Guys, I am absolutely CRUSHING my goal to read one book per month. So far, I’ve read —> 


Earlier this year, I entered back into the world of being single after more than 12 years. A lot of stuff has changed since then. Tinder, Bumble, what? 

Anyways, one of my friends recommended I check out I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies: How to Find Love & Sh*t Like That for some comedic relief about the situation, and it was spot on.

Book review: I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies | Crazy Running Girl

If you haven’t heard of the book, here’s a little summary:

The New York Times bestselling authors of Nice Is Just a Place in France and creators of the online humor and advice phenomenon and Instagram account @Betches explain the brutal truths of how to date like a true betch, with insights from the Head Pro.

In the age of Tinder, Hinge, or any other dating app that matches you with randos, the dating game has grown complex and confusing. Cue the Betches—first, we helped you win at basically everything, and now we’re going to help you win the most important battle a betch can face.

Maybe you’re a Delusional Dater who needs to get in touch with reality (seriously, he’s just NOT that f***ing into you) or perhaps you’re a TGF who needs to stop being so desperate and start playing the game. Or maybe you’re just tired of swiping left and ready for the pro of your dreams to put a 15-karat diamond ring on it so you can stop pretending to do work. Either way, we’ve got you covered. With insight from the Betches’ own Head Pro, this book is a must-have bible for any betch looking for love.

So put away the Ben & Jerry’s fro-yo (just because it’s low fat doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat the whole tub) and start dating like a winner.


I pretty much read this book in an entire weekend, all while sitting next to my pool (so cliché, huh?), and it was absolutely perfect. I don’t think that you can take everything in this book to heart, but it does have some good tidbits of advice and if anything, it’s at least really funny and makes you laugh quite a bit.

I really do like how they empower women throughout this entire book and make dating seem simpler than it actually seems to be. Bottom line: if the guy doesn’t seem in to you, he probably isn’t in to you.
So ladies, if you are in the dating world, definitely give this book a read! If just for a good laugh.


Do you follow The Betches? Any other good dating/relationship reads that you would recommend?

And because I’m always looking for recommendations… what are you reading right now?

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