Yesterday I threw my name in officially for the 2017 Boston Marathon! My qualifying time, which is from Grandmas Marathon earlier this summer, is 3 minutes and 41 seconds under my qualifying time. In recent years, it’s gotten harder and harder to get in to the race — meaning not everyone who qualifies gets in.

I’m hooked on the Runner’s World forums where all the runners debate about this, and many think that this year won’t be as tough because it doesn’t sound like there are as many BQs as before (they’ve analyzed data from the top feeder races). SO, it should be interesting! I just want to see that finish line once again (like an addiction). 



So that’s an update on a big spring race —> but let’s talk about my fall race calendar! Obviously, I have a really big race coming up in a few weeks —> Twin Cities Marathon. I am really excited to return to this course to celebrate my 10th anniversary of running marathons, right where it all started. Last time I ran this race was in 2008, and it was in the mid-80s — actually, the same day as the Chicago Marathon which was a little bit cooler and canceled. So let’s not hope that happens again. 

I am really excited for the next few months because I feel like my race calendar is finally putting the crazy back into this blog. 😉

Sharing my 2016 fall race calendar on the blog | Crazy Running Girl


The rest of my fall race calendar:


Autumn Woods Classic (October 15)

One of my favorite things to do about a week after a marathon is run a 5k! After running 26.2, my legs are happy to go so short (and my mind can’t get over it). I picked this one because it has autumn and woods in the name — two of my favorite things this time of year! 


Marine Corps Marathon (October 30)

I’m not quite sure what my goals are going to be for this race yet; I think it depends on how Twin Cities Marathon goes and how I feel afterwards. If Twin Cities goes well, I think I’ll be running this one for fun to enjoy the sights and the overall experience. 


RnR Las Vegas Marathon (November 13)

So you know how you’re at happy hour with a friend and you start talking about how you should go on a trip together, and then it just makes sense that the trip should be for a marathon?! That’s how this idea came to life. It’s only two weeks after Marine Corps, but I am really looking forward to running the strip at night AND knocking out another state in my maybe quest to do 50 marathons in 50 states. 

(There will be no goals for this race; just to have fun!)


Festival Foods Turkey Trot (November 24)

I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving since I was 18… isn’t that crazy?! I am excited to go back home this year and also, to run a Turkey Trot race with my family! I have never run a Turkey Trot race before, even though it’s always been on my bucket list, so I’m really excited to knock that one out this year… and maybe create a new annual tradition!


Reindeer Run (December 10)

The holidays are my favorite time of year and I’m really excited to check out some new winter races! I know it’s going to be really cold up in Minnesota, but this has too cute of a name to pass up. 


What races are on your winter calendar? Will I see you at any of these races!?

Do you run Turkey Trots?

What’s your favorite holiday?

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