Hey, hey Wednesday! This week is seriously flying by… probably because I had big goals of having my apartment set up early in the week and I still have a lot to go. Even though I only had a few boxes, it’s amazing how much time it takes to put everything away!

Hopefully a finished office area by the end of today!

AND today is also the day where I’ll find out if I will be running the Boston Marathon in 2017! Right now, the predictors estimate that the cut off will be around 40ish seconds, so I’m interested to see how close they are. I reallllly just want to get back to that race! It’s so amazing. 



Today marks another Running Coaches’ Corner [link up with Rachel, Debbie, Susie and yours truly —> join us! Details below!] and since we are in the heart of marathon training season this fall, I wanted to share with you the best resources that help you learn everything you need to know about marathon training… whether it’s your first or your 16th, I think there is ALWAYS something that we can learn about marathon racing. I feel like in my past few marathons, for instance, I just started to figure out nutrition and still have a long ways to go on that front.

So, here you go… all the resources to help you with your marathon training! 

Getting ready for marathon training? Everything you need to know to be successful at 26.2 miles | Crazy Running Girl

The biggest marathon training mistake you are making
It’s probably not what you think it is! SO many people think they are just pushing themselves in training, when really, this is what is holding them back from hitting their goal


Side effects of marathon training
It’s no surprise that marathon training will take over your life… whether you want it to or not. See how else your life will change while you’re training. 


FAQs about marathon training
Answering every question you could ever have about marathon training in this blog post! 


Marathon training essentials
Marathon training is much different than just hitting the road for a run; check out what you need to have in your closet in order to make the training process a little easier on yourself. (Note: this is a select list and probably one that I need to update once again!)


The mental stages of marathon training
It’s a little comedic to see how your mindframe changes as you go through marathon training! Learn what these mental stages are, and what you should expect during each one of them. 


Destination marathon packing list
Headed out of town for a race? This post offers a checklist that you can download to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything… a marathoner’s worse nightmare! 


How to balance strength training with running
Running takes over our lives during marathon training, but you still need to make sure you have time set aside in order to do some strength training. Learn more about what you can do to make this your reality. 


Overtraining vs. iron deficiency
Tired, dead legs and super thirsty? While you may think it’s overtraining, it could actually be a signal that you are suffering an iron deficiency. This post will help you figure out the difference between the two. 


3 questions to ask before registering for a marathon
Think you’re ready for your first marathon? Check out the three questions you must ask yourself before you hit that register button. 


5 things football and marathons have in common
Football and marathons are really not that different (minus the whole wearing pads, hitting each other and throwing a ball around). This is a fun post that gives some insight into the similarities between the two. 


15 things that get me through a marathon
Marathons are REALLY hard — not going to lie. There are some things that make it a little bit easier. From the right attire, a strong fueling strategy and having crowd support, see what really helps you get through those 26.2 miles.


How to qualify for the Boston Marathon
The Boston Marathon… the one race that every marathoner would love to run. Learn how you can cut your time to get a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. 


What to expect when you’re marathon training
Never trained for a marathon before? See what you should expect as you amp up your training and get ready for the biggest race of your life. 


Figuring out a marathon training strategy 
Ready to run a marathon? Not sure how you should prepare for it? There are several things to think about before you commit to a training strategy — more in this post. 


Are you running or are you training? 
Yes, you have a marathon training plan… but are you really executing it the way you need to in order to be successful? This analysis will help you determine whether you are giving it your all. 




Are you training for a marathon right now? What’s the hardest thing you are dealing with during training? 

Would you ever run a marathon? Why or why not? 

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