Hey, hey it’s Friday! I can’t believe that I’ve only been here in Minnesota for just about a week. It feels like much longer than that, probably because I’ve done all the things —> moved into a new apartment, furnished said apartment, caught up with my friends who live here, started a new job and even ran on the trails a few times. 

I am excited for a mostly low-key weekend after the past few weeks that have been hectic and crazy… I may even let myself sleep in! What does that even mean!?

Since it’s Friday, it’s time to link up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC to talk about my favorite fall fitness finds. You know, now that I can actually enjoy fall since I’m not sweating like a maniac down in Texas.

Fall is here! And to get you ready, I'm sharing my five favorite #fitness finds! | Crazy Running Girl


So, here are my favorite fall fitness finds so far this year:


1. Streaker Long Sleeve Running Shirt

Rocking the Streaker Long Sleeve from Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


Yesterday I ran in a long sleeve shirt! So much excitement over this little victory. The Streaker Long Sleeve Running Shirt has been hiding in my closet for awhile and it was sooo comfortable. I loved running in it (no thumbholes, but it’s not cold enough for that yet!). I especially love the color change design and the fact that you could easily pair this with some jeans or yoga pants/boots/scarf for a night out. Just sayin’… #athleisure.


2. PRO Compression “Dream Big” Compression Socks

Dream Big from PRO Compression | Crazy Running Girl


Fall running = marathon training season and what a better way to stay inspired than with our apparel. PRO Compression just released the Dream Big compression sock design this week, and I’m totally in love. They are such an awesome design. 


3. PROBAR Bite


Life has been crazy busy lately (and I know I’m not the only one!). I absolutely could not live without my stash of PROBAR Bites in my purse to get me through the day when I get hangry in the middle of the afternoon. I also started eating these pre-long run for some extra fuel (along with a hardboiled egg) and they are amazing! 


4. Chaser Pants

Chaser Pant from Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve found that I don’t always love running in leggings. Sometimes you need a little bit of breathing room for your legs… and you get just that with the Chaser Pants from Brooks! They add some warmth which makes them ideal for running this time of year (especially if you tend to get a little colder). 


5. Hydroflask!

Hydro Flask | Crazy Running Girl


No matter where you are, I feel like the temperature fluctuates so much on a fall day. I love having my Hydroflask to keep my water cool no matter what the sun wants to do that day. Even though mine is super beat up from the move and my previous drop :(, I still love it just as much. After all, the dents and scratches just give it some extra character right!?


What are some fall fitness finds that you are loving right now? 

Who’s racing this weekend!? Where? 


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