Happy Monday and happy October! This year is seriously flying by and it’s crazy to me that there’s only like two and a half more months until Christmas. Which means it’s perfectly acceptable to start watching Elf on repeat, right?!



Anyways, this weekend was my second back here in Minnesota and I had a great time hitting up Oktoberfest (times two, yes I went to two different ones!) and also getting in my last long run before the marathon (12 miles!). 

Enjoying Oktoberfest at Bauhaus in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


While I was on my run, I started to have a mild freakout about the fact that the marathon is NEXT WEEKEND. For the longest time, I was aiming for this race to be my goal… another attempt at sub-3:30… but now I’m not quite sure if it’s meant to be. I’m still going to go for it, don’t get me wrong, but my confidence level isn’t as strong as it has been for previous races (because that helped me so much…). 

Apparently the whole moving across the country and starting a new job is a REALLY good distraction. It’s made taper less of the crazy time and more enjoyable (especially the part where I focus on getting more sleep). But it makes me feel like I’m a little behind in thinking about my race strategy… and overanalyzing it daily for at least two weeks. 

I do know that I am super pumped about the weather for Twin Cities Marathon next weekend:

Looking at the weather for the 2016 Twin Cities Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


Of course, when I’m not feeling marathon ready, I get the best weather that I’ve had for a race in recent years. 😉

Anyways, what it comes down to is that I have an opportunity to run my favorite race once again and have my family watch me (yes! my mom, sister, niece and nephew will be cheering me on). So either way, it’s going to be a great day and when it comes down to it, it’s just a race. I want that sub-3:30, but I also want to enjoy the life I live. 

Thanks for listening to my mild freakout. 🙂


How was your weekend? Do you celebrate Oktoberfest? 

Any tips or words of wisdom? 

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