It’s been awhile since I’ve done a random life post and information dump. So enjoy. 😉

Yesterday I headed to Michigan for a work trip and sadly, the best way to get there is to have a layover in Chicago. I’ve shared some of my stories about doing this, but usually it means I’m in tears and stranded. 

When I got to MSP yesterday, I found out my flight was delayed… just enough so that I wouldn’t make my connecting flight. Awesome. Their idea? Have me fly to Baltimore, and back to Michigan. Umm, no thanks. I opted to fly into Chicago and drive the rest of the way to Michigan. 


(P.S. This photo was taken while fully stopped in traffic.)

Not a horrible idea, by the way, except for what seemed like hours of driving in circles in Chicago (it was only really about an hour and it was just a long way to get to the highway, but still). 


So life in Minneapolis — it’s been great so far! I’m loving the running (yay) and being back in a city where I have a good circle of people and am close to my family (double yay). My apartment is still not 100% — which am I just getting old? Is it really this hard to unpack and get situated? As soon as I have some good pics, you will see them first (I do love my decor on top of my dresser, so this is what you get for now). 



As a side note, last Friday I thought I lost my apartment keys. I went to the trash room the night before to get rid of some packing boxes and you need your keys to get in to the trash room. I remember setting them down but not grabbing them again. Anyways, I walked back into my apartment (which I left unlocked since I went down the hall) and in the morning when I was leaving for work, could not find my keys ANYWHERE. 

So, after committing to paying $175 to replace, I was cleaning my place this weekend and found the lost keys! Under a stack of random papers… because I was so embarrassed, I just blamed it on my cat. 

Maine Coon - Jax


He’ll never even be the wiser. 😉 (does this mean I’m going to be a terrible parent?! haaha)


Also, this wouldn’t be a post from me if it didn’t include running 🙂 My current thoughts during tapering:

  • OMG I must be getting sick; why is my throat scratchy? WHY AM I SO TIRED? 
  • Why do my legs feel so tired? I can’t do 26.2.
  • What if the weather gets really hot and it’s awful? 
  • I can’t believe I’m running my 22nd marathon! 
  • I think I should shoot for a sub-3:30. 
  • What if I get a sub-3:30, then what will my goal be? 


Tell me your worst flight story so I don’t feel so terrible!

Dumbest moment you’ve ever had? (I think my key one ranks up there)


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