So, I feel like I walk a little less like Frankenstein, and a little more like human today. 😉 I know that I do this to myself, and it is kinda satisfying in some alternate reality, but man, I haven’t experienced muscle soreness like this in a few races. I guess that means I really pushed it? 


A few more thoughts on yesterday’s race —> 

I need to do more hill training. 


Yes, there are parts in Texas where there are hills — I lived in the part that was on the edge of “hill country,” but I seriously feel like my quads and hamstrings are not used to the hills that we have here. And part of me wants to train in these hills and go back and do Twin Cities again next year just so I can do it without feeling like death for the last 6 miles. 


I signed up for another marathon. 

2016 Grandma's Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


Seriously, can someone stop me!? 

I actually texted Melissa last week to ask her to corral me and not let me sign up for another marathon. What ended up happening is that we both signed up for Great Grandma’s Challenge in Duluth, where you run a 5k and then the marathon the next day. It’s not until next June, so at least it’s a little bit out. 


…and my next marathon is in 3 weeks. 



I thought, initially, that Marine Corps Marathon would just be a fun training run. But now I’m thinking about turning back to Advanced Marathoning and looking at it like it’s a real marathon. 

It’s soon, I know, but it’s worth a shot. 


My mom stole my remote.

When they were about halfway back to Wisconsin, I got this text from my mom:


She realized she accidentally packed my remote (and my deodorant). Hahaha, so funny. But you know what’s amazing? You can totally use the Netflix app on your phone like it’s a remote! And just cast whatever you want to watch. #lifesaver


This weekend was just another reminder of how happy I am to be back home in Minneapolis. 



Don’t get me wrong, I loved everywhere else that I lived, but nowhere really felt like home like it does here in Minneapolis. I just feel like I’m surrounded by people I feel comfortable around, am in an amazing culture and love the city. It feels right. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my friends from Austin! But it’s a good thing they like to make appearances in Minneapolis:





As long as this trend continues, I won’t miss anything about Austin. 😉


How far in advance do you plan your race calendar? 

What do you love most about where you live? 

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