I cannot believe that I head to Barcelona tomorrow! What is this life? 🙂

Also! Tomorrow morning I have my first race post-marathon —> I am running a local 5k here just to shake out my legs and get moving again. This used to be part of my marathon recovery years ago and it was kinda my favorite. Because after doing a race that’s 26 miles long, running a 3 mile race definitely feels like a breeze. 

Also speaking of marathon recovery, over the years I’ve uncovered a few favorite foods for marathon recovery — I usually eat these the day or or a few days following my race. I used to get obscenely hungry after a race, and this time around, it really wasn’t so bad. 

Recovering from a marathon? Sharing my 5 best foods for marathon recovery! | Crazy Running Girl


1. Dill pickles

Milwaukee Dill Pickles! | Crazy Running Girl


I always rely on dill pickles to up my salt intake after a long run, and they are my favorite for marathon recovery too! They help with electrolyte replenishment and they taste delicious too. I usually skip the sports drinks, by the way, because they have so much sugar and so many calories. 


2. A big old burger

Oh my gosh, burgers are my favorite. I am putting them in the category of foods for marathon recovery because they have a healthy balance of carbs and protein. Put on some lettuce and tomato, and you get all the nutrients from those too! Plus, it will definitely fill you up post-race. 🙂


3.  Protein smoothies!

Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie Recipe | Crazy Running Girl


I love my protein smoothies, and often have them for more than just breakfast. I love adding in tons of great fruits and vegetables — my go-to is generally spinach, blackberries and bananas. So many nutrients that are so great for your body as you go through recovery. Check out my favorite recipe HERE and read more about my go-to protein powder HERE


4. Hardboiled eggs

I’m all about the protein when I’m recovering from a marathon, and hardboiled eggs are my favorite way to get an extra dose of protein. An egg has less than 100 calories! These are perfect for a snack (especially if you are super hungry and looking for something to hold you over until your next meal). 



5. Beer!

Post-race recovery at the Oregon Wine Half | Crazy Running Girl


The experts will tell you that drinking a beer post-race is not the brightest idea because you are likely already dehydrated from the marathon, and now you are just dehydrating yourself even further. 

I disagree. 

Well, I agree that it likely dehydrates you. Bu I disagree that it’s not a great marathon recovery food. A beer or three is necessary in order to celebrate 26.2 miles. 😉 (My mom asked me what the deal is with runners and beer — I guess we just know how to celebrate right ;).)

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