So I’m writing this from Barcelona as I try to get over my jet lag and also try to figure out where I’m going to run in the AM. I love running in foreign cities, but it also makes me a little nervous since I don’t really know where I’m going and it can be easy to get lost. 

After landing in Barcelona yesterday around mid-day (which was technically 5ish AM in my time at home in Minneapolis), we checked in to the hotel and decided to heat out an explore.

First stop: Tapas!

Tapas in Barcelona | Crazy Running Girl


Barcelona is known for tapas so we had to of course hit up a tapas bar. One of the things that I love about being in Spain is the fact that drinking red wine here doesn’t make me feel terrible like American red wine does (sulfites, maybe?). 

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona | Crazy Running Girl

After the tapas, we headed over to la Sagrada Familia. It was sold out for today (boo), but even from the outside, it looked like they made a lot of progress since I was here four years ago. It’s crazy to me that they’ve been working on this since the late 1800s and probably won’t finish until 2030. 

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona | Crazy Running Girl


Since my coworker and I were both beat from our flight, we figured the best option was to walk around the city so we headed to Park Guell. 

Barcelona views | Crazy Running Girl


This park has some of the best views in the city and has some really cool art and architecture. 

Anchovy in Barcelona | Crazy Running Girl

I finished off the day by trying some anchovies (first time, so good) and monk fish (also first time, pretty good): 

Trying monkfish in Barcelona | Crazy Running Girl


All in all, a pretty solid first day in Barcelona.


So typically Monday is a recap of my workouts from last week. But you know what? I didn’t do any… except for my 5k on Saturday! 

Fall 5k in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


I will have a recap of that tomorrow. But it was nice to have a week off, and the one thing I’ve learned is that my legs were still hurting from last weekend’s marathon. I am hoping to get some good miles in this week while I’m in Barcelona because after all… my next marathon is approaching rapidly! 


What was your favorite moment from this weekend? 

Do you like seafood? Anchovies? 

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