I figured the best way to get ready for a flight to Barcelona was to run a 5k in the AM before I left… 😉 In reality, I signed up for this race before I knew I was going to Barcelona and I wanted to do it as a recovery run for the Twin Cities Marathon

The way that my week shook out, I ended up not running at all and this was the first time I put on my running shoes post-marathon. Yes, they were a little sad. And a little confused. 

Anyways, since the Autumn Woods Classic 5k is a small local race, I opted for packet pick-up day of and also didn’t get there until about 45 minutes before. Since I was in the later group, I had to park in overflow parking, which was totally fine and probably a shorter walk to the packet-pick up area. 

I actually really love the long-sleeve technical shirts they gave us:

Autumn Classic 5k in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


The design is so classic (and classy). 

The race started on time (my favorite) and I really liked the course: the first almost mile was on pavement and then we hit grass (which was a little slippery in some spots because it was morning). There were a series of rolling hills and we ran past lakes, marshes and through the woods (which was beautiful with the changing leaves). 

At each mile marker, they had a volunteer who read out the current time. I forgot my watch so ran watchless, and came flying into the first mile around 7:15 and same for the second. At that point, my quads started to hate me (still not recovered from the marathon I think) and slowed down quite a bit… also a big thanks to the hills in the last mile or so. 

I ended up finishing in 24:11, which is a pretty solid time for just having run a marathon. I’ll take it. I also learned that if I’m going to run Minneapolis races, I need to work on some running some hills to survive. 😉

Fall 5k in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


P.S. I would definitely run Autumn Woods Classic 5k again. I liked the course (the grass threw me off a bit) and it had a fun race-day atmosphere. There were a lot of families and they also have a kid’s run and a 10k. 


Do you like running trail races? What’s your favorite distance to run? 

What’s your favorite season?


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