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Here comes shorter days... tips for running safe in the dark | Crazy Running Girl

We have one more week until our sunlight gets even less with the end of Daylight Savings Time and combined with the fact that November is Running Safety Month, I wanted to talk about running safe and some tips for running in the dark. 

I am a notoriously bad runner in the sense that a) I rarely have my phone with me (unless I need to hatch an egg ;)) and b) I always forget to bring extra gear with me like lights and such so that I’m seen. I know, poor excuse, but generally I am out the door and running before I realize I should have that with me. So one of the things that I love the most is the new gear that brands are coming out with that are designed specifically with reflection sewn in — like these from Brooks (I’m actually wearing these during Sunday’s race!):



They also have jackets, which are perfect for this time of year with colder weather and shorter days. 

Another way you can make sure you’re visible without “carrying something else” (aka forgetting it…) is by wearing fluorescent gear. Good thing this is in style these days 😉 because it’s easy to find. But basically, it can help make sure that the brain sees you as a person because of how its perceived. 

Other tips for running safe in the dark:

  • If you have to run on the road (PLEASE don’t unless it’s absolutely necessary), follow the rule of running towards traffic (e.g., you see the headlights in the lane on your side). I always feel more comfortable doing this because I can see the driver. 
  • Even if you aren’t on the road, wear reflective gear on the trails. Where I run here in Minneapolis, there are a lot of bikers and I know it’s appreciated to make it easy for them to see me so they don’t run into me. 
  • Try to run with someone else. Not only is it safer, but it also makes those dark runs not feel as lonely. 🙂


To close it out —> some good tips from Brooks Running (which conveniently spells out Brooks ;)): 


Running safe in the dark tips from Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl

What are your tips for running safe in the dark?

Do you have any other gear tips that help you? 

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