I’ve said this a bjillion times over the past few days, but how in the world is it November?! Is it just me or is this year really flying by? 

It’s been an interesting one, that’s for sure. And I’ve heard from several people that are in the same boat as me where you are just ready for 2017 to come on and get here already for a clean slate. 

How I feel about 2016 | Crazy Running Girl


Not saying that I haven’t had some incredible experiences throughout the year, but it’s been a tough one. I’m ready to put it to rest and start a new one filled with fresh and awesome things. 

Speaking of fresh and awesome things, my goal of trying something new is still alive and well. I didn’t knock it out of the park like I did in August, but I did do some cool things in September and October. 


September update

My apartment complex in Austin held an event where you could build your own terrarium and I thought it sounded like fun, and was something I’ve never done before. For $20, we learned how to build out own and even got all of the supplies!

The thing I learned in this class? Terrariums are actually really easy to build if you have the right supplies. I think it would take about 15 minutes to put one together in the future. 

Learning how to build a terrarium | Crazy Running Girl



  • Put a base layer of rocks and charcoal (to soak up moisture)
  • Add a thin layer of soil and the succulents of your choice
  • Add more rocks and some charcoal
  • Water the plants a little bit
  • Add the decorative items you would like


See, easy right?

My first terrarium | Crazy Running Girl

I particularly love this little guy:

Trying something new: Building a terrarium | Crazy Running Girl


I left this one with my coworker in Austin because I didn’t think it would survive the drive up to Minneapolis, and I would love to make another one. Having cats means that they love to get into plants and the shape and type of plants in a terrarium makes it a little bit harder for them to be terrors. 



October update



I didn’t do anything specifically NEW in October as in trying a new hobby or adventuring to a new place, but I did some things that were new to me in life and definitely pushed me as a person. 

I settled into my third home this year. Yep, you read that right. I’m currently living at the third address that I’ve had in 2016, which is a little overwhelming when you think about it from that perspective. The first move was a little haphazard and chaotic, and I’ve now bought new furniture twice (it was cheaper to do that than to move it up to Minneapolis, if you can believe it). 

I continued to start my life over in Minneapolis. Over sounds so finite, but it’s true. I moved up to Minneapolis and started with a clean slate. It’s been easier than I thought it would be since I have a few awesome friends that still live there from when I lived there eight years ago, and it also feels so much life home. But sometimes when I take a step backwards and think about it… I wonder how in the world I haven’t had a nervous breakdown this year. 😉

I created a marathon-international travel sandwich. Soon after starting my new job, I found out I had an opportunity to travel abroad to Barcelona, which was an incredible opportunity. A week or so before, I ran the Twin Cities Marathon and about a week later, the Marine Corps Marathon. Recovering and figuring out a training plan for the second marathon was a little bit more challenging since I was thousands of miles away from home, but knowing that the race was just for fun made it a little easier. 


I haven’t yet picked what I want to do for my November “try something new.” I’m debating about trying Classpass or maybe there will be something more exciting that comes my ways in the next few weeks… 


Any fun ideas for “something new” that I can try in November?

Did you try anything new in October? What was it? 

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