After publishing this post with the title “Getting ready for #23,” my sister texted me and said “aren’t you running your 24th marathon?” Yes, yes I am. Is this a sign that I’ve run too many? 😉 Anyways, editing to accurately reflect what number marathon I am actually running!


I feel like Mother Nature is playing a mean trick on us because we had ridiculous weather all weekend… ridiculous in the sense that it was almost 70*. In Minnesota, in November!

Fall in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


What is this craziness?! I feel like suddenly, it’s going to be a blizzard and we’ll be thrown into the whole super frigid thing and not even know what happened. Minnesota people, don’t hate me… but I am really excited for winter! It’s been a long time and yes, I may have forgotten just how cold it gets, but I’m so excited for snow (especially since the Jeep now has 4-wheel drive)!

Anyways, this weekend did not involve running in snow… but it involved running! I think I have now officially ran more times between Marine Corps Marathon and next weekend’s marathon compared to what I ran between Twin Cities Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon. 

10 mile run | Crazy Running Girl


I did a super easy three miles on Friday —> in a tank top. Seriously! I noticed that my hamstrings were still sore from Marine Corps Marathon and I think it shows how much hill training I need to start doing, especially if I’m going for a PR at Boston in April. Saturday was six miles, followed by 10 on Sunday… with hamstrings that were slowly getting a little less angry (until I hit the hills). Good thing Vegas is flat!

Which brings me to the next topic: running marathon #24 next weekend! RnR Las Vegas Marathon on the strip (and 25.8 miles everywhere else in Vegas… seriously, how long can you run on the Strip? I’m not even sure). I vaguely saw online that it’s going to be high 70s at the start, which is going to be interesting… even more interesting? Running a marathon at night. How do you even eat during the day? How do you hydrate? What do you do all day? Any advice would be welcome. 🙂

This week, I’ll be in taper mode (for the third time in the past six weeks)… so low-key, shorter distance workouts. I am getting really excited for marathon season to be over. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love running marathons, but I feel like I’ve been tapering forever and it’s driving me a little crazy. 

My plan post-marathon is to do the detox round dos (yeah, remember when I couldn’t stop talking about pizza?) and also focus on strength training/speed work. I will kick off Boston training in January-ish (read paragraph two for how that’s going to feel) and I want to come into training season feeling strong with a solid foundation. For once. 

And since it’s Monday, leaving you with a little slice of motivation — some favorite quotes I’ve found lately:



Before Alice got to Wonderland... | Crazy Running Girl


Lessons in life... | Crazy Running Girl


Don't cry over the past... | Crazy Running Girl


What’s the weather like by you? 

Snow: yay or nay? 

Your weekend —> what was your favorite part? 

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