I’m about to get on a plane and head home on a red-eye after a really fun weekend in Vegas! I met up with Melissa, Ritsa and Ashley (who I haven’t seen in FOREVER), and we had some great Vegas adventures. 

—> Like playing at the penny slots (all of my favorites)

Friends slot machine in Las Vegas | Crazy Running Girl

—> Hitting up Rao’s for some amazing pasta

Out to eat at Rao's | Crazy Running Girl


—> Viewing the attractions like the Mirage Volcano and the Bellagio Water Fountains

Water fountain show at the Bellagio | Crazy Running Girl


LOVE in the Palazzo | Crazy Running Girl


And lastly, running the Rock ‘n Roll Vegas (Half) Marathon!

Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Medal | Crazy Running Girl


I originally signed up for the full but ended up dropping down to the half during the race. It actually wasn’t as hard of a decision as I thought and I realize now that I should have just signed up for the half marathon in the first place. This was going to be my third marathon in a course of six weeks, and that means I’ve been tapering for about eight weeks. I feel like I’m out of shape, my legs are tired and my mind is burnt out. That’s the reality. I don’t want to make up excuses, but I’m super OK with this decision and have no regrets about dropping to the half. 

That being said, I’ll have a full recap for the half marathon up tomorrow! In the meantime, time to catch some sleep on this red eye and also check out the Supermoon! 


When’s the last time you went to Vegas? Are you a fan? 

Have you ever dropped down a distance in a race? 

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