One of the things that I realized this weekend was how much I am suffering from running burn out… it’s one of those things where you really don’t realize it until you’re at your breaking point and by that point, the only thing that you can do is take a break. Like I mentioned yesterday, I think this is a reason why I’m not that bummed that I dropped down to the half marathon this weekend. 

But anyways, now that I recognized it… time to figure out how to fix it so I can get back on track with training and get excited for my next marathon (BOSTON!). And a perfect fit for this week’s Running Coaches’ Corner with Susie, Debbie and Rachel… more details on the link-up (and how to join!) below. 

How to recover from running burn out

Burnt out from running? 7 tips to recover | Crazy Running Girl


1. Take a break

When you can't run... | Crazy Running Girl


Probably not the most surprising thing that you’ll find, but taking a break makes a big difference. I feel like it can be really hard to do because we have to break our routine… but then again, it means more sleep if you are a morning runner! But give your mind and body a chance to rest. How long? I leave that up to you… it’s however long you need in order for you to physically and mentally be ready for running again. 


2. Run naked

Ha, no, not that naked… naked meaning without a watch! GPS watches are the best at tracking our distance, time and every other stat you could ever possibly want to know about your run, but it can put on the pressure (even if you are just running for yourself!). Cut yourself a break and head out the door to run without a watch. Just go to go. It’ll make you feel a million times better. 


3. Get a massage

Here's a list of reasons why you shouldn't get a massage... | Crazy Running Girl


OK, so I admit that I don’t get massages regularly… I’ve never really had a great one where I’m like “that is amazing.” (Once upon a time, I used to ask people if they would rather cross something off their to-do list or get a massage. I always voted for crossing something off the to-do list. #typea) I’ve heard from tons of other people that massages work wonders, so I am actually going to get my first hot stone massage tomorrow night! I’m excited to see how it is. 


4. Rest up

Sleep more, take naps, spend time being lazy… whatever it is, give your mind and body a chance to rest. Who can say no to sleeping more?! I don’t think I’ll ever truly catch up on that sleep debt. 


5. Switch it up

Try a different sport… sign up for a fitness class, lift weights, go hiking, something. Engage other muscles, give your mind a different challenge and truly break away from running. It’ll give your running muscles a break without making you sacrifice your fitness (extra bonus!). 


6. Go for a group run

Accruent runNERDS, Ragnar Austin | Crazy Running GirlRagnar = the best group run ever


This one tops my list! There is this running store here, Mill City Running, that everyone talks about and they do group runs on Wednesday nights. It is my goal to make it to one of these in the month of December! I think when you run with other people, it just gives your mind a break from focusing on running and the run can go by so much faster than you think it will. I generally run alone, so this is an awesome way to switch it up. 


7. Keep it slow

When you do get back to running, keep it slow and short for a bit so that if you have muscles that are burnt out, they get a chance to rest and recover. Slower paces are a great way to build up mileage and endurance… it might be hard to do (especially if you are used to faster paces), but just remember it’s for your future love of running!


Have you ever been burnt out for something? How did you get over it? 

Massage or crossing something off the to-do list? What’s something your “meh” about that everyone else loves? 


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