I’ve seriously been counting down the hours until my massage so I really hope that it lives up to my expectations. 

Also, I shared this picture on Instagram:

Tracking miles en flight | Crazy Running Girl


Yeah, that happened. I accidentally turned my Garmin on while I was sleeping on the flight the other night anddd ended up setting some pretty sweet records. Who knew you could run a mile in .06 seconds 😉


Last week I went to a live taping of KFAN’s (MN sports radio) Friday football feast, and I was the Packers fan boo’ed on the air. #haters

Packers fan! | Crazy Running Girl


I have big plans for tomorrow night. 

I love a wild Friday night | Crazy Running Girl


This made me laugh. 

I'm glad I don't have a thigh gap... | Crazy Running Girl


OMG, seriously though… it’s the worst at Target. I always get the sales associates that look really worried that my pyramid of things is about to come crashing down…


I don't need a grocery cart... | Crazy Running Girl



I’ve officially decided that this is my favorite picture from this past weekend. 

#StripAtNight | Crazy Running Girl


Linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. 


Are you a grocery cart, basket or hands only shopper at the grocery store? 

Do you prefer to go out or stay in on Friday night? 

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