Last night I went for my first hot stone massage and I was impressed! I do like it a lot more than the deep tissue massages that I’ve had in the past (those HURT). I was actually (and a little ridiculously) surprised that this didn’t happen:



I mean, come on, that’s the main advertisement for any hot stone massage! And it’s all LIES. Or did they do it wrong? Next time I’ll definitely ask them if this can happen. 


Today I’m linking up with Rachel @ Running On Happy to share my five favorite holiday foods! First of all, can we talk about how Thanksgiving is next week?! How in the world did this happen? Not saying it in a way that sounds like I’m disappointed, but man, this month (and year) has flown by. 

The holidays are seriously my favorite time of year (especially now that I’m back in a cold-weather state… yay!). And part of the fun of the holiday season? The yummy food. Although with big goals for Boston, I can’t indulge… too much. Here are my favorite holiday foods!


1. Homemade Sugar Cookies


My family seriously has the best sugar cookie recipe and with my mom’s sugar frosting, it’s basically a sugar high in every bite… but oh so amazing! Typically we bake and decorate cookies on Christmas Eve Eve, and it’s one of my favorite traditions. 


2. Lefse

crazyrunninggirl-lefse [source]

So, if you are Norwegian like me, you’ll know what this! But otherwise, you are probably like… huh? Lefse is made from potatoes and is cooked on a skillet so that it’s thin like a tortilla. It tastes really good with butter (or also with sugar and cinnamon like my grandpa used to like it!). We are making some the day before Thanksgiving this year and I’m so excited. 



3. Butternut Squash



Instead of yams or sweet potatoes, my mom always makes butternut squash for Thanksgiving. My sister was telling me about this pumpkin pie dish she wanted to make and I reminded her I don’t like pumpkin pie (true story) so she said she’d look for something else and I was like… I’ll just have more squash. (So now she’s going to make a pumpkin torte with pumpkin pie – ew; cream cheese – ew; and whipped cream – ew.) 



4. Shiner Holiday Cheer



I’m not sure if I’ll get my hands on this this year since I’m no longer in Texas, but this is honestly the best holiday beer that I’ve had. It has a mix of all of the delicious holiday flavors… SO GOOD. Somebody please ship me some, k thanks bye. 



5. Does La Croix count?


I don’t know if it does, but considering I’m so addicted to this stuff, I am counting it as a holiday food. Maybe I’ll drink the green (lime) and red (cran-raspberry) to be in the holiday spirit. 😉


What are you favorite holiday foods? What traditions do you love? 

Anyone get a hot stone massage? Is that picture accurate? 

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