Last night I drove back to Wisconsin after work so that I don’t have to worry about doing it when everyone else is doing it (although driving at night in Wisconsin = deer… for some reason, they were all hiding until I got within 10 miles of my town, which made the last 10 miles feel like they lasted for an eternity). 

Can we talk about how it’s already Thanksgiving?! I don’t know how that happened, and I think I’ve already said this about 74 times, but holy man, this month is going by super fast! I am excited to be back in Wisconsin for it for the first time since I was 18 (isn’t that INSANE)… remember how last year I went to Denver to hang out with my BFF for the week? 



This year, we’re both back in Wisconsin and are reliving last year’s adventures in another state. I love being able to catch up with everyone over the holidays. 

Another thing I’m looking forward to this week while I’m home? Running my FIRST EVER Turkey Trot! I know, how is that even possible!? Can I even call myself a runner without ever running one of those? 😉 (kidding, not required to run one to be a runner!)

Yesterday, Brooks Running shared some of my tips on how to get everyone in the whole family on board with the Turkey Trot (there’s no excuse that you can’t beat), and today, I want to share some thoughts on how to prepare for your Turkey Trot!

It's that time of year... Turkey Trot! Sharing my best Turkey Trot tips so you can have a great time! | Crazy Running Girl



1. Check the weather

I already heard on the radio that there’s wicked weather around most of the country right about now, and it’ll probably be here come Thursday. I know it’s going to be chilly up here… so make sure you check the weather and are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. I know, duh, but I still have to remind myself that I live in a climate that requires a hat and mittens and I can’t just walk outside in a hoodie. Checking the weather is always a good idea. 



2. Consider dressing up

Okay, it’s a little bit short notice, but dressing up is SO FUN! Especially if you have a big group of people running with you… highly recommend! I’m currently working on a project for my family so that we are all dressed appropriately… I hope I can finish it in the next 48 hours so we are costume ready!



3. Remember the reason for the season

Not saying that you can’t go out there and hit a big goal, but Turkey Trots are generally a family-fun event and usually untimed. With that in mind, put your competitiveness on the backburner and remember why you are running it in the first place. Have a little fun and run with someone in your family (I’ll be running with my nephew and I’m super nervous that he’s going to be super speedy out the gate… let’s hope these tired legs can keep up!)



4. Have fun with it!

I think the best part of races like Turkey Trots is that they are pretty casual! What a great way to start off a holiday than getting together with your local community to run a race? Enjoy it for what it is, and make your only goal to leave with a smile on your face. 


Have you ever run a Turkey Trot? What did you think? 

Where are you headed for Thanksgiving? Do you drive or fly? 

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