You guys, it happened. I ran my very first Turkey Trot this year! I guess this can count towards my “try something new” this year but I have something else in mind for that. 

Anyways, a few months ago, I asked my sister if she would be interested in doing the Turkey Trot because I’ve always wanted to do one. We ended up getting the whole family on board (minus my brother-in-law, he went hunting), including one of my cousins. My sister and cousin Tina trained for a months together to get ready for this race and this time, my sister did follow the training plan I gave her (instead of what she did for the ZOOMA Half a few years ago — aka no training, ha). 

I thought it would be fun to give myself a (yarn) challenge and made hats for everyone to wear during the race:

Crochet hats for the 2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


They were SO fun! And a great way to find people in a crowd, by the way. Which, Turkey Trots are always huge so I think costumes should be encouraged. 

We signed up for the Festival Foods Turkey Trot in Appleton, since it’s the closest to my hometown (about 45 minutes away). We left a little bit late so showed up about 20 minutes before the race and still had to pick up packets (hi, panic city for the girl who tends to show up an hour before most races ;)). It worked out though — we grabbed our packets and shirts, and had about 10 minutes to get to the start. 

Along the way, we saw some pretty awesome costumes (like a group dressed in those awesome inflatable t-rex costumes) and said goodbye to my parents and niece, who were doing the 2 Mile Fun Walk. 

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


SO my nephew —> remember when he ran his first 5k and averaged an 8:30 pace and rocked it, especially since he hadn’t ever run more than a mile before that? Well, his strategy for that race was to sprint and die and we made him stick to our plan of running together (my sister was aiming for a 10 minute per mile pace) and he wasn’t too happy at first, but I think that changed towards the end. 😉

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


It was a little packed for the first two miles. You run through the streets of Appleton and about halfway through, you start seeing people headed back to the finish (speedy cross country runners taking first).

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


From there, you veer outside of the neighborhood and through a pretty park area. 

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


And after that, right around mile 4, a ginormous hill. Really, not that bad, but based on the course position, I could see how it would be terrible. At this point, my nephew was already fuming because I’m the most embarrassing and annoying person in the world because I was talking too loud (#teenagers), so he was like I’M WALKING. I told my sister and Tina to go ahead since they wanted to run the whole thing, and I basically told him no, he was running up the hill and there was a downhill so he could keep running. 

Best or worst Auntie in the world?!

Turns out, he was able to make it to the finish without having to walk AND outkicked me in the last 100 yards in the process. 

From there, we met up with everyone and headed over to the food area which was complete chaos (I think they should think about not just having one big table/area with all the food but spreading it out… it was nearly impossible to get to the food!).

Donut holes at the 2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot |  | Crazy Running Girl

They had donut holes, bananas and water. And! Every finisher got a pie (or you had the option to donate it to charity if you didn’t want it).

Free pies at the finish of the 2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


All in all, the 2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot in Appleton was a great way to kick off Thanksgiving. I would definitely do a Turkey Trot again in the future! It’s such a fun event for the entire family and a cool tradition. 🙂

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


Do you run Turkey Trots? Why or why not? 

How was your Thanksgiving? 


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