Happy, happy Monday and welcome to the holiday season. I feel like once Thanksgiving is past, it’s time to start celebrating Christmas! 

I am a HUGE fan of Christmas and am really excited for the next few weeks because it’s so fun to get ready for this holiday. But before we get to that, let’s talk about this weekend!

I’ve officially decided that this is my favorite photo from the Turkey Trot:

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


I think it sums up everything from that race in one picture pretty well. 

My sister and I opted to wear our shirts for the rest of the day (don’t we look SO much like sisters? not!):

Sisters | Crazy Running Girl


I think I mentioned this, it was my first Thanksgiving back in 13 years, which is absolutely insane! I got a plate with all of my favorite foods:

My Thanksgiving dinner plate | Crazy Running Girl


I am weird and don’t like to mix my food. I eat my least favorite (cranberry) to my favorite (stuffing), one at a time. If I get really crazy, I might eat some of one food and some more of another. I know. Watch out. 

We spent a lot of time playing our new favorite board game, Settlers of Catan. 

Playing Catan | Crazy Running Girl


I snuck in and won TWO games in a row. And because it’s my family, we bet $1 on each game so I raked in some good cash. Watch out world. 

We also went and saw the new Disney movie, Moana. 

Moana movie poster | Crazy Running Girl


I wasn’t sure about this movie because I didn’t think that the previews told you the story very well? Either way, it was amazing and I loved it. The music was on point too. 

Our time capsule from 1999 | Crazy Running Girl


My mom found a time capsule we put together in 1999 and we opened that. It was HILARIOUS. My favorite part was reading about how into Metallica I was, and also seeing that this was the hottest toy craze of the year:

Pokemon in 1999 | Crazy Running Girl


Deja vu, anyone? 

I headed back to Minneapolis on Saturday and of course had to make a stop for essentials:

Cheese curds! | Crazy Running Girl

I brought back some other awesome things too. Like this chair:

The White Chair | Crazy Running Girl


This chair lived in my grandma’s living room for YEARS… and I always told her and my mom that when I had my own place, I wanted it. So, I finally made that dream come true and it now sits in my living room. The funny part is, I was never really allowed to sit on this chair because it’s “so nice” and I’m still a little nervous to sit in it. Hopefully that will change. 😉

My friend Stephanie (the one that lives in Denver) also made me this sweet hammock for my cats… I think they approve? 

Apollo on his new hammock | Crazy Running Girl

P.S. In case you’re interested —> she makes these amazing sweaters for dogs and sells them on Etsy. If you have a dog or someone you know has a dog, they are incredible and so worth it for cold weather! Check it out. 

I took a few days off from running while I was home, and finally got back to it yesterday with a nice foggy run: 

A foggy run in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


It was perfect running weather and I logged three miles with a focus on running a fast finish. My legs are starting to feel a little bit alive! So, my goal this month and next is to focus on building up strength before I get back to marathon training for Boston. I haven’t been doing that great at it (I think I’ve lifted weights once… :|) and that needs to change. So, to stay on track, I’m setting a few goals this week:

  • Arm strength training three times [aiming for: Monday, Wednesday, Friday]
  • Running 5 times
  • Yoga class [registered for Tuesday!]


I also want to throw in some leg strengthening because I feel like my hamstrings are super weak. Alright, so it’s out there, so now I need to stay accountable! I’ll report back next Monday with an update of where I’m at. 😉


How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you do any Black Friday shopping? What great deals did you get? 

Do you have any fitness goals for this week? What are they? 

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