I am so excited because one of my goals for the year was to try something new every month, and let me just #humblebrag a little bit… I am CRUSHING it! So far this year, here’s the new stuff that I’ve done:


You could also count running a Turkey Trot to that list. I also have my December something new planned for this Saturday and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I’m super excited to give you guys a full report back next week. 

On to my November something new —> making lefse! My family made this into a tradition over the past decade or so (!) to make lefse at Thanksgiving and since I haven’t been around for Thanksgiving, I never really did it! I remember my mom and grandma making it when I was younger, but I never actually helped out with it. 

Trying something new: Making lefse! | Crazy Running Girl

What is lefse? It’s a Norwegian food… basically you mash up potatoes with cream, flour and butter, roll them out with a special roller and then put them on this griddle looking thing for a few minutes until it’s lightly browned… and wah-lah, lefse! 

Trying something new: Making lefse! | Crazy Running Girl
I think it worked out well because we had quite the assembly line going (before I got distracted with my Thanksgiving hats, sorry mom and sis)… my sister made the dough, my mom would roll it out and I was responsible for them on the griddle. 

Trying something new: Making lefse! | Crazy Running Girl


Trying something new: Making lefse! | Crazy Running Girl


It probably took us a few hours to make about 10 pounds of potatoes, which is supposed to make about 10 pounds of lefse but we ended up with only about 4 pounds! I think my sister forgot to add flour (oops) a few times, so that may have thrown off the count. 

So how do you eat lefse? I love to eat it with some butter and roll it up like a tortilla… I know that my grandpa used to always eat it with butter, sugar and cinnamon so it had more of a dessert flavor. I’ve also heard that people add brown sugar to it too. 

I can’t really describe how it tastes, but I have heard that most people don’t like it the first time that they try it. #haters It doesn’t really have a strong potato flavor I don’t think (I usually do not like potatoes on their own) and I would basically say that it is delicious.

Trying something new: Making lefse! | Crazy Running Girl


When do you eat lefse? I eat it pretty much all day, every day. But you’re also talking to a girl who thinks it’s perfectly fine to have a burger and fries for breakfast, so take that for what you want. I think it’s fine for breakfast and I also like to have it for dessert after dinner. I basically lived on this (and Thanksgiving food) when I was home this past weekend. 😉  

So there you have it… a fun family tradition to check off the box for my “try something new” in November! I’m excited to make it again and again (and also finish off the stack in my fridge right now. ;))


Did you try anything new in November?

Have you ever had lefse? What did you think?


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