You guys. I finally did it. 



Yep, Jax was groomed with the lion cut. Surprisingly, he was pretty good — the groomer shaved him for about 45 minutes and he never got super mad (when he starts biting and growling) so I think he could tell that it was making him feel better. Poor guy has so many knots and mats, that I think it was necessary. So that was the after, here is what the before looked like from a few weeks ago:

He also looks MUCH smaller than Apollo, which is kinda funny because he’s always been such a big fluffy beast. They said that it’ll take about 6 months for him to get his hair back to his old length, and I hope that I can keep up so we don’t get in this mess again. 

#crazycatlady update complete, on to the fun part of today’s post!

After sharing my ultimate holiday gift guide yesterday, I wanted to share some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas to link up with the Friday Five with Rachel… and to top it off? A great giveaway. So here you have it: 5 winter gear running essentials, perfect for the stocking. 

The holidays are around the corner and I'm hosting a stocking stuffer giveaway! | Crazy Running Girl


1. HotHands Hand Warmers

No matter how much you bundle up, sometimes your fingers just can’t stay warm… enter HotHands Hand Warmers! These are a perfect stocking stuff for runners (or anyone who loves the outdoors). 



2. Facial Moisturizer

The cold and wind does a number on your skin, and your face often takes the brunt of the damage. Facial moisturizer, like this stuff from Olay (my go to), is a lifesaver!



3. Greenlight Running Headband


Sometimes a hat is just a little too much (generally if it’s warmer than 20*, I prefer to wear headbands) and I love the fit of the Greenlight Running Headband — it lets me have a ponytail, gives me full coverage of my ears and looks pretty good still too. 



4. Pacesetter Crew Running Socks



I live in the Pacesetter Crew Running Socks when it comes to casual and non-compression runs (I usually wear compression on race day and during tough runs)! I love wearing them under long pants because they give my calfs/shins a little bit more warmth. P.S. I have no shame, I have Halloween/St. Patrick’s Day/Christmas ones that I wear year round. 😉 



5. Drift Running Gloves



These are perhaps the best running gloves that I’ve ever tried. I love that you can convert the Drift Running Gloves to a mitten when you need a little extra coverage, or you can just wear them as gloves. Win win!


And now, I want to kick off a fun Stocking Stuffer Giveaway! One winner will receive the last three items on my list — headband, running socks and running gloves. Good luck! 🙂 

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